December 2016

Daily Topics - Tuesday December 21st, 2016

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Simple fix for the Electoral College

If you review electoral college points state by state you will find that there is a 3 point minimum. Ostensibly those points are awarded for the 2 senators and the minimum of 1 for the population. The 2 senators per state already prejudice the balance in the Senate and with the 2 points in the electoral college they also prejudice the count by giving small population states more power than the large population states like NY, CA, PA and TX. SUBTRACT 2 ELECTORAL VOTES FROM EVERY STATE AND DISTRICT. PROBLEM SOLVED.

Fear Mongering Alone Won't Cut It

People on both the conservative and progressive sides of the spectrum are big on spreading fear. The concerns of the left are much more serious, legitimate, and factually based than are most of the fears on the right. Having said that, just constant fear-mongering about doom and gloom on many fronts has failed to get Democrats elected. It has failed to convince enough people that changes in thinking and in law and policies are needed to create more security, health, and human rights protections, and freedom for people.

Paul Ryan HORSESHIT - as sent to me.

This is the eMail letter I just received from Paul/Punk (Eddie Munster) Ryan LYING to me about Social Security -- Oh, and "buying American" as I asked about. Does this Baboon think I will buy this nonsense? I had to "virtually move" to his Janesville district to become one of his unfortunate direct constituents... I usually call him "Senator" just to appear ignorant enough to make him (& the late Ayn Rand?) feel superior...

Dear T.,

Daily Topics - Monday December 19th, 2016

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Analysis of Why Clinton Lost in Depth

Why She Lost


‘The Blob’Huge swathe of warm water contributed to record toxic algae bloom, scientists say.

The Blob helped create the bloom.

New Study, EPA Report Highlight FRACKING’s RISK to GROUNDWATER

In 2010, for example, Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil and now President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of state, told a Congressional hearing, “There have been over a million wells hydraulically fractured in the history of the industry, and there is not one, not one, reported case of a freshwater aquifer having ever been contaminated from hydraulic fracturing. Not one.”


Canada’s federal scientists have won the right to speak freely about their research and science without upper-level bureaucratic control, a feature central to restrictive communications protocols under the (previous Conservative)Harper government.

Nationl Voter Registration Act of 1993

This act, while having some very good parts, is being used to justify cross check and undeliverable mail schemes to take people off voter roles. How could any sane person believe that there were over 300,000 people in North Carolina registered to vote in another state? One could believe 30 or maybe even 300 through failure to properly update the records. Being registered in more than one state does not mean you tried to vote in more than one state.

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Can Humanity Be Saved?

Thom plus logo As the Amazon is on fire and the Democratic Party refuses to hold a debate focused on climate change, an Australian think tank has come out with a report suggesting the possibility that climate change could destroy human civilization within as little as 30 years.