December 2016

Driped of my stars and strips

I am a Gay, NY Rican American, for many years I had travel to many different country as a Hair and Make-Up Artist. With the rich and famous. People had always ask me where I was from, thinking that I was from a more exotic country. I always told them that I was red white and blue under my tan. I was so proud of being an American. Since the election of this person I feel striped of my stars and trip. I feel ashame of what has happen to us.

With deep regret. Garcia

US businesses should embrace unversal healthcare

All businesses have to pay for healthcare and wages and benefits are 35-39% of any businesses operating costs.. The employee's healthcare cost is something that businesses outside of the US do not have to put on their P&L's (operating costs) because its supported by that government..

The newly hired employee comes with his/her own healthcare ...Why would any business fight this buniness savings ??

Electors Electors Electors

Dear Thom,

I heard you say the effort to get electors to vote their conscience didn't seem feasible to you on your radio show. But saying things like that gives a chilling effect to an important audience and I believe you should actually say instead that we need to identify our electors and lobby them directly to show that we WILL have their back, democrats and republicans alike. Why not try as hard as we can? What if it worked? This is why it is there. Please be supportive, your audience is important to this effort.

Thank you,


It's not just taxes

Your readers and listeners need to understand the change in our economy from an industrial economy to a financial one the last forty years. Junk bonds are a large part of it because they can force companies to take their savings and give it to the shareholders which force's the companies to not invest in themselves. If you want to understand this then read the book Killing the Host, by Michael Hudson, and you'll have in 400 pages a real understanding of economics and why we are the way we are.

Daily Topics - Wednesday December 7th, 2016

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My Letter to P(unk)aul Ryan...

Dear Senator Ryan,

Selling MADE UP SHIT to Trump supporters

"Your Prayers Have Been Answered," declared the headline. For Trump supporters, that certainly seemed to be the case. They helped the baseless story generate over 140,000 shares, reactions, and comments on Facebook. Meanwhile, roughly 6,000 miles away in a small Macedonian town, a young man watched as money began trickling into his Google AdSense account.

TV "news"

The word "news" should never appear in a sentence with a TV network. It's "celebrity current events presentations" and announcers are "celebrity current events presenters". Someone clever can do better. We a new word.

Daily Topics - Tuesday December 6th, 2016

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In 2011 the newly elected Canadian Conservative Prime Minister said Canadians won't recognize Canada when he's finished with it, this just after receiving a majority government. His intentions at that time was to privatize virtually everything in our government , including our half century old single payer health care. He failed, Canadians realizing he meant what he said, next election turfed him out of government altogether.

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What Do Democrats Really Want?

Thom plus logo Thomas Friedman, the confused billionaire, told us decades ago that "free trade" is what made the Lexus a successful product when, in fact, it was decades of Japanese government subsidies and explicit tariffs that did so.