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December 2016

The State of the 21st Century Church in America

I believe the second hour guest was named Mrs.

Trump this and Trump that --- protest sites???

So as people are disgruntled by actions of the Trump Administration -- will there be protesters outside the hotels and other holding of Trump? Both in the USA and abroad?

While police may force people to leave -- how often will this happen and how will the brand be compromised by using these bussinesses as a focal point to protest.

Get ready for the LYING KING

Since Gropy Donald is getting ready to put on his crown, it is only fitting that we give him a proper title befitting his character. "The Lying King" seems like a perfect name for him and shorter than the Exaggerator in Chief, the Crony in Chief or the Groper in Chief. So, with the authority vested in me I hereby crown him the "Lying King."

May his tenure be short and powerless and minimize the mop-up job required to wipe this stain from the nation.

Daily Topics - Monday December 5th, 2016

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Again these republicans are talking balanced budget amendment, kind of strange coming from the same crowd who ran up most of Americas present debt and that in just 36 years.

These republicans are right fiscal frauds, the same crowd that has not balanced a federal budget since the Eisenhower administration in the mid fifties.

In Fact it was these republicans that in 1980 took over a debt from Jimmy Carter of under a trillion, the accumulated debt from all previous Presidents and in short order tripled it under Reagan.

Canada's Liberal Leader just another Lackey

Sometimes it’s no fun being right. Case in point: Three-and-a-half years ago I wrote a piece titled “Why Justin Trudeau (as Prime Minister) may be more dangerous than (conservative)Harper.”

Flash forward to today, and barely a year into his reign Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is batting almost a thousand when it comes to approving controversial energy projects, from liquefied natural gas plants in Squamish and Prince Rupert to permits for the Site C dam — and now Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline and Enbridge’s Line 3.*

Afghanistan, the forgotten war?- importance of Sec. State pick

Years later our troops are still there. Their opinions are mixed about whether they should stay, but the consensus seems to be that things as they are aren't acceptable.



Christian Science Monitor
Anna Mulrine Grobe​ {12-4-16)

ADHD, AED, ASD: It’s in the Water

ADHD, AED, ASD: It’s in the Water

The #FLINT water crisis shines a spotlight on the adverse effects of lead-contaminated drinking water, presenting us, in concentrated form, with a list of symptoms that this author believes is also prevalent to some degree in broader American society.

What are the health effects and dangers of lead?

Government Use Of Asbestos May Have Declined but Veterans & Seafarers Continue to Suffer its Effects

The International Mesothelioma Conference is scheduled for March 2017. This conference will bring together the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation. The dual will co-host the International Malignant Mesothelioma Symposium at the National Institute of Health from March 27 to 29.

Are you EVER going to GROW UP America

k. allen a Thom Hartmann blogger just posted Israel receives 3 billion dollars a year (3000 million dollars) from a broke America, has single payer health care for all its citizens..

PLUS " Israel has a comprehensive social security system that pays out a series of benefits and grants to those in financial need. The social insurance system covers every citizen of Israel and the social assistance program is a series of means tested benefits that are applicable to those aged 20 or older."

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No More Presidential Immunity!

Thom plus logo When Richard Nixon committed multiple Felonies, including accepting bribes in cash in the White House, Jerry Ford chose to pardon him.

When Ronald Reagan committed treason in 1980 to get elected, Attorney General Bill Barr shut down the investigation in 1992 with five pardons.