January 2017


Does anyone know if Senators read their mail? I sent one hundred letters - one to each Senator but I'm wondering if any of them will get read.

Congressional GOP Utterly Silent After Jason Chaffetz Busted Using Personal Email Server

The Proud Liberal,org

January 28, 2017

In a great ironic twist, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) has been promising to lead the investigation of Hillary Clinton even now that Donald Trump has become president, and is now under fire himself for use of an illegal email server.

Despite Bitter Cold, Sea of Protesters at JFK Terminal # 4 Keeps Growing

Saturday, January 28, 2017

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QUOTE blogger 'Argon'

"It seems like the "conservative right wing" consistently use the pejorative "Ivory Tower thinking" when describing "progressive" or "liberal" ideas or policies but how do you describe a socio-economic system based on a couple of SCIENCE FICTION novels; Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged? Basing social economic policies on an arguably 2nd rate science fiction writer seems to be the height of not just "Ivory Tower" but also Magical thinking."

my ANSWER to TomDorr

Quote TomDorr, "The capitalism of the 1940's, 50's, and 60's made us the envy of the world. We need to examine the strategies that worked then, and return to these roots." Tom do you want to know why, these were the years Americans rejected destructive polarizing corporatist backed right wing governments. From 1934 till 1969 , only one republican was elected president of the United States, only one Tom.

Impeachment: Rules of House allow Citizens to Initiate

Rules of House allow citizens to initiate Trump impeachment. Spread the Word. https://impeachforpeace.org/cgi-bin/diy.cgi#diy_about

Trump's voter fraud investigation is a way to apply "crosscheck" to states held by Democrats

Trump narcissism is certainly behind his call for an investigation into voter fraud. But as soon as I heard him say there are people who are registered in two or more states, I knew it meant he was going to somehow apply "crosscheck" to the two big states he lost to Clinton, New York and California, states which would never allow "crosscheck" to be used as it was in Republican controlled states like WI, MI, PA, OH, and NC to purge likely Democratic voters.

Mike Pompeo is another fossil fuel plant in the Trump administration

Tillerson and Pruit, and even Rick Perry are obviously fossil fuel plants, but so is Mike Pompeo. Your first clue should be that he's from KS, home of Koch Industries. Second, when I looked up his campaign information at www.opensecrets.org, low and behold, OIL AND GAS is his number one contributing sector. Even better, Koch Industries is his number one donor, and contributed nearly 5 times what his second highest donor did.

BREAKING NEWS: The Mexican President Expresses His Gratitude to the New Administration

“Dear Presidente Trump,

To express our people’s gratitude for your flattering comments over the past year, we have three programs for your new administration.


Billionaire president Donald Trump defended his promise to kill the innocent family members of Islamic State terrorists.

"We have people that know what is going on, you take a look at the attack in California the other day, there were numerous people, including the mother, that knew what was going on. They saw pipe bomb sitting all over the floor, they saw ammunition all over the place," Trump stated. "They knew exactly what was going on."

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Democratic Debates: Is It Time to Get the Corporate TV Stars off the Stage?

Thom plus logo The democratic debate, operating entirely within the context of corporate TV stars' questions and largely Republican frames, shows once again why a for-profit "news" operation shouldn't be running a presidential debate.