January 2017

The Fascist Takeover: Job One, Get Rid of All Unions Except for the Cops

It started in earnest with Ronald Reagan’s firing of the air traffic controllers union. He doubled down by permitting an unregulated influx of cheap, unregulated foreign labor. He let employers set up factory and farm sanctuaries where they could hire non-citizens with virtual impunity.

Daily Topics - Thursday January 26th, 2017

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Executive orders sources?

I am curious as to how the "production" of these "executive orders" are produced. I am sure the similarity to the ALEC bill mill's activity has some merit to define the rapidity of their arrival. As they are not tweets, I think our new president really doesn't read or contribute to them. I also make this connection because of DJT's Florida golfing buddy... David Koch.

what are the facts about climate change and the deniers

I awould like to ge some folks to read the below statements and tell me how to answer these ideas.

I guess they realize if it's the volcanic activity causing global warming just like the last billion years then they can't use it as an excuse to grab money and power. Do you remember how they said it was becoming an ice age in the 70's and they wanted to dump black soot on the ice? The answer was money and control. If the answer wasn't always money and control I might start to believe the government.

California, my home

I listened and smiled when I heard today that the California Secession movement is getting some national attention. The idea is a nice fantasy, but it would be nearly impossible for it to happen.

TRUMP REOPENS TORTURE CENTRES - reopens notorious torture sites

"An executive order drafted for President Donald Trump will pave the way to bring back Central Intelligence Agency black-site prisons, which were synonymous with torture during the War on Terror after September 11.

A draft of the three-page Detention and Interrogation of Enemy Combatants executive order has been obtained by The New York Times. The order would allow for a black site Detention Program – the holding of terrorism suspects in secret, foreign prison sites outside of domestic US legal jurisdiction – to be revived.

Scientists, angry after being told to be quiet, are planning a march on Washington

What is the Scientist's March on Washington?

Welcome!..We want to thank you all for your incredible outpouring of support for this march...We are working to schedule a March for Science on D.C. and across the United States...We have not settled on a date yet, but will do so as quickly as possible and announce it here.

Inspection- Congressional Investigation on Voter Fraud? DO IT!

 So once the stinky gas of Attendancegate is passed, the over inflated hot air windbag of an issue is punctured, where do we go? Maybe take a cue from boxing?

Daily Topics - Wednesday January 25th, 2017

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Rigged election

It's clear now that t rump was not lying when he was talking about the election being rigged. He knew his own election was being rigged. If the oligarchs and their puppets destroy SSI, Medicare and Medicaid, the blame will fall on their puppets. not the puppet masters.

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