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July 2017


OIL corporations that hid from the world for four decades what their own science had found, that using their product was degrading the survival of our planet. Not only did these oil corporations hide for four decades their own science that told them using fossil fuel would seriously raise heat trapping CO2 levels in our atmosphere,but they embarked on a criminal disinformation campaign of lies denials and coverups, so they could sell more product, knowing full well these actions were placing our planet in ecological danger of collapse.

List of things done since Trump has been in office

Amy Siskind has been keeping that list since day one:


She is on facebook and Twitter and publishes that each week.

Rattlesnakes, Troublesome Students, and North Korea. The important connection.

I’ve run into my share of rattlesnakes photographing the desert in early morning and late evening. It’s important to remember that what they do is totally defensive in nature – because they feel threatened. Otherwise, it’s easy to take offense at their posturing. It’s why some start poking rattlers with a stick, and why people often end up getting bit. It just makes the snake strike out more in self-defense.

Meanwhile, Back at the Stench: The six-month playdate is unraveling.

Ban, Moooch, Pubis and Drama Donny aren’t playing nice in the White House sand box. The neighborhood felines, otherwise known as leakers, have been using this space as a cat box for six months now.

Liberal/Progressive Media

Liberal/Progressive wealthy people with a conscious, should create a mainstream TV program to educate the public about Good Governance.

The Income Disparity

Thoms comments about income ineauality in the USA are right on the mark. Since the slow but steady destructions of unions from Reagan forward was accelerated in the early 2000's until unions today do not have enough power to influence politics either on the federal or state level. As a result, laws have continued the eroding of the voice of the working class. Income disparity is a direct result of this planned intended destruction of unions. Despite some serious flaws that became too evident in unions, they were the only balance to big money and the w

Do You Really Think Robert Mueller and His FBI Team are Stupid?

It occurs to me that Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the team of specialists he has assembled have already had extensive experience with political attempts to squash their past investigations. They also watch the news and know President Trump telegraphs his blundering moves miles in advance. So, Mueller and his team are hardly babes in the woods in political situations like this and they have had lots and lots of time to prepare.

The Fossil Fool Industry

That's what I'm going to start calling them. I was commenting on an article about Sally Jewel speaking about Trump and Zinke attacks on public lands for the benefit of the fossil fuel industry, and I thought of that old saying (that Bush classically screwed up) - Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. This is actually the third time the fossil fuel industry has fooled the American public. The first was 1980, the second 2000, and now Trump.

Dangerous Donald And What To Do About Him

I write slowly so I don’t know how many lies Donald Trump and his minions will tell, how many laws they will break, how many deaths they will cause by the time I post this.

Housing Shortage

Since there's a Housing Shortage, the Federal Reserve should sell the mortgages that were acquired by Quantatative Easing.

These mortgages should be sold directly to those in dire need such as US taxpayers that need to relocate from places Like Flynt Michigan.

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Time for Trump To Start Following the Law

Thom plus logo The White House has instructed Carl Kline not to testify before Congress. He's the guy who supervised getting a security clearance, over the objection of the intelligence agencies, for Jared Kushner.