July 2017

Our Dilemma

My partner and I have been together now for 15 years after reuniting at our 20th high school reunion. We live in a small very wealth town in upstate NY. We are not hurting by any means but we live in the poorest part of the town and live what would be considered a middle class lifestyle by most. My partner is the appointed Deputy Town Clerk. She was appointed 20 years ago buy her her boss, a wonderful woman but a Republican.

Trump Miranda Rights for the Base

You have the right to remain silent (except when praising me).

You have the right to be ignorant.

You have the right to be duped and delusional.

You have the right to get cancer and opt out of insurance and medical treatment.

If you can’t afford health insurance, tough luck (you're on your own and so are your kids).

You have the right to consult a funeral home to dispose of your remains (if you can afford it).

All support you give me will be abused and used against you in the Oval Office.

my REPLY to an AMERICAN blogging in CANADA

Norm, with respect i'm sorry to tell you you're confused. American military men haven't DIED for their country, they died for corporate America, corporate expansionism, corporate US colonialism. America hasn't fought an righteous or legitimate war since world war two. But my friend you're not alone, Americans have been so thoroughly propagandized, by the corporate media owned by the same 1/10 of one per cent that own all the wealth, that now its so ingrained in their psyche they NEVER question the fallacy of their nationalism.

Voter State Security System

Voter State Security System: by ThaGoodSport@aol.com

The VSSS is the most secure voter safety system that restores Democracy by allowing each political party to verify and document every vote in each county in America. Each political party will distribute and recover every ballot while verifying every voter with an approval system all parties agree on. This will strengthen voter’s confidence in voting in America. This will guarantee an accurate accounting every time. Elections will then best serve Democracy and All Americans.

Single Payer Healthcare

With price gouging regulated,
A 5 or 6%, maybe more, Tax on all US citizens
would pay for their own Single Payer Healthcare.

Compare to socialists countries.

Inspection- Of Republicons and Republocrats

 I have been an advocate for run off voting since I first looked into it after the 2000 election. But sans run off...

Simple Powerful Argument in Favor of Net Neutrality

To promote competition in Ohio and many other States you have the right to buy your gas or electricity from a large number of competitive suppliers. Let's call that "content." You pay a separate completely independent fee for the maintenance of gas lines and the electrical power grid as well as your peak capacity. Let's call that "network." You do not pay a premium or get a discount for network charges depending on which content you choose to move across the network.

Trump won fair and square? You have to be joking.

I hear this over and over again, by conservatives and liberals alike. By commentators and pundits of all stripes on the infotainment programs. Where did this wrong and phony notion come from? Is part of it conceding Trump’s win in order to be able to ask other questions……the price of admission to a dialogue? Wimpy behavior?

We need effective political weapons, not just intelligent discussion

Many of us, myself often the worst of all, get so upset by the latest self-destructive insanity of Trump and all the greed-heads hiding behind his fat rosy facade, that we go on long-winded tirades that very few folks who actually need to understand ever even hear, much less remember and act on. So all our self-rigeous, intellectually brilliant rantings and even talk show ratings have no net effect on anything, other then perhaps our own blood pressure.

Did Jeff Sessions know about Don. Jr's Russian lawyer meeting, and therefore commit perjury in his t

Did Jeff Sessions know about Don. Jr's Russian lawyer meeting, and therefore commit perjury in his testimony last month? Someone should start looking for evidence that Sessions was aware of this meeting prior to his testimony.

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What Else Are We missing? Impeachment Should Include All of Trump's Crimes

Thom plus logo Donald Trump has threatened the fate and future of human civilization by joining with fossil fuel industry billionaires in denying climate change.
-- He has threatened world peace by upending our alliances with other democratic nations and aligning himself with dictators, murderers and autocrats.