August 2017

Too dumb to tweet!?

GW IQ~70. Reagan/Alzheimer~37. Neither dumb enough 2 buy FOX Pershing bullet myth. Only Inspire an enemy. [I'm too dumb too comprehend Twitter otherwise I'd create a Hashtag] #dumbesttoolinthewhitehouseever (or something shorter. Good thing I'm not president. Jack Dorsey suspends me every time I even attempt to tweet).

This nation (and world) needs a big dose of Unconditional Other Acceptance

It’s a term coined by the late Dr. Albert Ellis. To me, it’s means choosing to see whatever others think, feel, say or do as being understandable given what their life experiences have been. That doesn’t mean we have to like, agree with or tolerate what they do. There are a lot of things others think, feel, say and do I don’t agree with. I'm hearing a lot of it from neo-Nazis and white supremists lately.

The Power of Our Pocketbooks

I'm just an ordinary pissed off American and it is my belief now is the time to send the President and corporate America a very loud message. In 1955 the citizens of Montgomery, Alabama used the power of their pocketbooks to send the USA and the Montgomery Bus Line a message about racial segregation. 380 days later they were successful when the Supreme Court ruled Alabama and Montgomery law requiring segregated buses unconstitutional. The organizers were the greatest, brilliant, and got their message across in a peaceful manner.

Legislative Response to Charlottesville & Trump

Aloha, There is no moral leadership from the President so legislators have to fill the moral void. Apparently the USA Patriot Act will not cover the act of the white nationalist who plowed into the protestors in Charlottesville. It needs to be amended to cover such acts.

At a time like this...

A short paragraph from a speech by a great man, contained in:

The Life and Writings of Frederick Douglass, Volume II
Pre-Civil War Decade 1850-1860
Philip S. Foner
International Publishers Co., Inc., New York, 1950

"The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro"


Can we stop the Traitor label against Gen. Robert E. Lee?

I have heard this claim on many talk shows, including Thom. No, he was not a traitor. Be careful how you label same.

Washington and the signers of the Declaration of Independence were declared Traitors of the Crown by King George as well, but is forgotten in History

Health Care's "Sacrifiscal Lambs"

We are already paying roughly $600 BILLION more than it would cost to completely cover everyone in our country for 100% of the cost of every medical necessity (even RXs) for life, under HR 676 National Improved Medicare for All (NIMA).

But Republican and Neoliberal Democratic politicians continue to advocate that we should instead, continue to subsidize either the ACA or some other system of mostly for-profit health insurance companies (which have proven to be incapable of covering everyone while remaining profitable).

Teachers may be our best hope for preventing extremists

My wife and I were both high school teachers. As we looked at the mug shot of James Alex Fields and listened about his fascination with Hitler from his former teacher, we both thought, “I had my share of kids like that”.

Protesting Alt-Right Demonstrations

The question of whether to respond to alt-right demonstrations or to ignore them is a difficult one. A number of years ago, the Aryan Nations group established a compound in Hayden, Idaho, and their members applied for permits to hold parades in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. My recollection is that the citizens of Coeur d'Alene, who were horrified by this movement, debated their response at length. For one parade, protesters showed up and, I think, outnumbered the marchers. For another parade, I believe they decided to ignore these people.

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Does Donald Trump Only Believe Stuff He Gets From Right-wing Email Chains?

Does Donald Trump only believe stuff he gets from right-wing email chains?

It's starting to seem like it.

A terrorist drove a van down a busy pedestrian street in Barcelona, Spain yesterday, killing at least 13 people and injuring as many as 80.