August 2017

The Myth of States Rights and the Confederacy

A common myth is that the Confederacy was only about economics. Several issues become obvious if you read the Confederate States Constitution.

The best way to handle monuments to traitors

We should leave the monuments but replace any name or description with a large brass plaque that says

“This monument was erected by white supremacists 60 years after the civil war to terrorize black citizens. It now serves three purposes:

King Donald 1st

Throughout his life, Donald Trump has not modified his actions or inclinations or abnormal behavior one iota.

In my amateur psychological opinion, he exhibits the characteristics of extreme narcissism as well as other ant-social traits. These tendencies are now a given in the Age of house Trump.

My question has been where have the masses of worshipful followers come from that fill these theaters in which he is holding his rallies?

Correction - Texas sends more federal taxes than it receives

Today, Thom erred in stating that Texas receives more federal taxes than it sends. It is one of the few red states (and perhaps the only one) that sends more federal taxes than it receives.

Trump Base Irony In Rural America

Rural Trump supporters share a common wisdom via thier bucholic origin: The grass is always greener over a septic tank. Yet, they support him in obedience via their collective belief that their "God" sent Trump to change the world... now clear that is certain, but sadly not in a good way. I'd love to see their "hands on" accolades change to a "bitch slap" by a gun toting babe wearing "Daisy Dukes" shouting "ya'll can't grab this."

orange times

recently hearing lots of diagnosing in regard to commander marmalade (thanks Trae Crowder) i still believe i got it right in my post between the illusion and inagauration... i continue to be the most pessamistic person i know longing for optimism. i hang with resistance (indivisible) and am inspired by the young folks who are becoming involved.

Reaction to Hillary's "creep" comments about The Donald ...

I’m a regular listener here in a suburb of Albuquerque New Mexico on AM1350. I retired at the end of 2016 and my online blog is a retirement project. I thought you might be interested in at least taking a look at my latest of 17 political editorials that I have just written and posted to my online blog. It has to do with Hillary’s comments regarding The Donald’s stalking her at the second Presidential debate.

You can hit the following URL to go right to the editorial on my blog.

It is a nice Light.

I still do not hear anywhere that for the first time in history that alot of industry on Earth has already re-tooled for mass production of renewable energy. This isnt just on the horizon anymore. This is; if I can say , all roads lead to the books written by R. Buckminster Fuller. Personnaly I like to think of it as as reverse engineering to an artifact thats called a light bulb; then re-engineering from there. Again, I still dont hear about it anywhere, but we are all allmost there.

FBI et al: they all must be joking!

So this is the story: the FBI argues that the FCC will be sent and, once the "bugs" are found, these "systems will be turned off." I do like the FBI, it is the best government agency. But misrepresentations, no, I don't like. Anyone who is well-read about espionage and intelligence matters knows that electronic "bugs" have detection mechanisms: when someone tries to intercept their waves, either automatically or through agents the system is immediately disconnected. Why does not the government specify that it does not commit electron