October 2017

Medicare for All

i don't understand why this is so hard for our gov. to figure out
I have to pay a lot out of my own pocket for healthcare (and my employer) with a very high deductable and they hardly payout anything but doctors visit.
I would rather pay into Medicare for all to the gov. then to blue cross (or other healh insurance aggencies) which makes millions of dollars of profit. the gov. is non profit and i would rather get my care like my mom does. I don't mind paying the same amount of money and being able to get more out of my insurance.
love you my fellow dem's

Cabela’s Drops Bump-Stock Rapid Fire Gear from Website

Cabela’s called bump stocks “safe, legal and fun.” The thing they didn’t mention was that they were also profitable. Selling such products defies common sense and responsibility. They are probably the largest firearms retailer in the USA and seem to not want to leave any money on the table, period.

Companies Like Cabela’s Are Killing Us: LITERALLY

I just called for a boycott of Cabela’s, since they don't give a crap about real people, vs. their pursuit of gun profits and fealty to the NRA. The same goes for the other MURDER ENABLERS.

They sell assault rifles meant for killing people, not animals. They sell “ bump-stock” accessories like the gadget used by the Las Vegas shooter to wipe out dozens of Americans who simply wanted to have fun at a music concert. These people were fish in a barrel.

Cabela’s Sells Mass Murder Accessories: Boycott them now!

If you look at Cabela’s website they proudly and openly sell mass murder accessories like the “bump stock” rapid fire devices used by the Las Vegas shooter. They even have a video of the newly enabled machine gun.

This is outrageous and everyone with an ounce of common sense should send them a message that this is endangering the general public.

Here is the message that I sent to them in the customer comment section today. Join in and tell these folks how you feel about this crap showing up at your high school football game or senior prom.

Vegas terrorist was stopped by a gun.

The Las Vegas Mass Murderer was, ultimately, stopped -- and killed -- by a bullet from a gun. How much more proof do you need (other than a snowball against climate breakdown) that Guns stop bad guys with guns..? Ipso-Facto QED. Boom.

Nazi v. Kancee: Into the Flock of Fear... [How they exist among US].

Nazi v. Kancee

They are All Nazis who have been (utilizing decades of NLP/marketing/think tank propaganda study) programmed (by the likes of FOX, etc.) to "Not See" Reality in any personal/individual/critical way but ONLY as they are spoon fed a narrative of False [NON] "reality".


So I'M an American hater because i point out racism in America runs deeply into its past, including the liquidation of First Nations people and theft of their land. Wounded Knee Massacre comes to mind. Most of those involved in the mass murder of the 300 First Nations women ,children, elders and men received metals from the US government.

The National Rifle Association is a Domestic Terrorism Organization: HR 367 Outrage

Here we go again. Now it’s Las Vegas. It only gets dumber and dumber.

What in the hell are these Republicons below thinking with the new bill to allow firearms silencers to be sold in the US? Is there no common sense left in that party? Can they be bought off to do anything?

Vegas Shooter - SSRI Connection?

The Walsh Research Institute (http://www.walshinstitute.org) issued a paper in 2013 implicating a history of SSRI use by school mass shooters. http://www.walshinstitute.org/uploads/1/7/9/9/17997321/proposal_for_prev...

My Deep Appreciation for FSTV, Thom Harmann, and Amy Goodman

I have been watching FSTV, the news, Thom, and other shows, since I discovered it on my Direct TV three years ago.

It was my first introduction to non-corporate news. I had nearly quit watch new regularly, unless we were on the verge of intering a war, an impreachment, or something of national attention.

William Barr’s shady track record of covering up the crimes of a Republican president

William Barr’s shady track record of covering up the crimes of a Republican president
Thom plus logo Bill Barr knows how to cover up the crimes of a Republican president. We know, because he’s done it before.