January 2018

Trump Nickname

Moronald Trump

Facebook, Google, CNN could UNDO what they did - in two weeks - and SAVE Democracy


Facebook or any group really, could create mock online democracy with first Tuesday mock voting. Then we dictate to our reps what we want. If they dont do it, they are voted out. Oligarchs cant fight that. Google could do it too - or CNN. It has to be a separate page.

The 18 Billion Dollar Lie of the Scammer-in-Chief: Making America Gag Again

If Mexico is going to pay for the wall, why is numbnuts asking for $18B of American taxpayer money to build it?

This is emblematic of the way that this guy does business. Promise everything, deliver nothing. This is the kind of jerk who would invite you to dinner and then stick you with the check every time.

My rant to Senator Toomey

Probably not the most conciliatory way to communicate with one of my legislators, but I'm so frustrated and angry...

To Senator Toomey at his website:

I've not found it helpful to contact you in the past, but will send this missive to you in hopes that your moral compass is not completely compromised.

An interesting take on the Wolff expose & the predicted GOP response to it

Provided below is a link to a short article, published on 01/05/18, in the Daily Beast, that presents a "cogent" take on the Michael Wolff expose, as well as the past & likely future responses of the GOP, the GOP's principal donors, large corporations, etc., in the wake of its publication.


Bannon and Trump Part Ways, as Thieves Fall Out

Do Trump Tweets = Jingly Keys?

Do Trump Tweets = Jingly Keys?

Jingly Keys: Definition
1. A visual and acoustic distraction.
2. Therefore, metaphorically, an answer that tries to draw attention away from a difficult probing question, as if jingling some keys, especially when employed by a simple person who assumes that the questioner will be easily distracted.

Are the 1% fostering and using Trump Tweets and this technique to control our representatives and the media, to get what they want? Terrifying legislation is being passed while we are watching/listening to the keys.

Israel "ueber alles" ...

Well, let’s see. Trump, doing his best to please his daughter and son-in-law, goes all out to support racist, belligerent Israel: fomenting, aiding anti-government protests in Iran, cutting aid to Islamic nations, touting Jerusalem as capital of Israel and who knows what next. Israel’s dream - the undisputed super power in the M.E. - becoming reality. Bigger button Trump and his ass lickers turned loose by a gimme, gimme public are going to bring the house down.


Collection of random comments from the blogs of a frustrated liberal.


GREED, is the result of low taxes on the rich. For decades in America the tax rate on any earned income over $200,000 the equivalent of 2 million dollars today, was taxed at 90% the result CEO's would not take vulgar salaries knowing it would be taxes heavily.

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Did Trump Commit Treason?

Thom plus logo News reports increasingly are suggesting that Donald Trump has committed treason in making a promise to a foreign leader. The question is, who is the foreign leader and what was the promise?