March 2018

Kiss up, Kick down

I am a retired military officer, with over 26 years of service. A mustange, I rose through the ranks and chose to retire before i entered field grade ranks because I had seen with my own eyes, that to advance higher, especially to General Ranks, one has to kiss up and kick down. I've seen generals effeminate colonels who in turn regained their testosterone by doing the same to majors.

This explains the great number of Generals that are willing to submit to Trump, they are sycophants professionally reared in the kiss up kick down environment.

Medical Uses of Nicotine

Check out Duke University's position on the medical uses of nictotine:

It isn't the nicotine in cigarettes that kills you; it's the tar.

“Donald Trump Ate Here”: Flush 3 times, it's a long way to the Oval Office

Nixon graffiti revisited.

Since president potty-mouth sounded off with his shit-hole comments, this is an appropriate time to commemorate this--at least until someone cleans the toilets again. The most appropriate walls to honor him on are as close as your local gas station.


Obama's Presidency was supposed to be the Presidency of the sane .

What a sad tragedy the Obama presidency turned out to be, from hiring old Reagan/Bush neocons to populate his office, to his first term inner circle being dominated by the thug Rahm Emanuel.

5th Circuit Decison on Fiduciary

Here is the rundown on the 3 judges deciding this case.

Two female judges appointed by Republicans with ties to the Federalist Society voted to vacate the ruling.

The African-American Chief Justice was in dissent. He was nominated by Clinton and raised to Chief by Obama.

The 5th circuit is considered very conservative.

Another circuit court just upheld the lower court.

Fifth Circuit


Thom Hartmann

Before STEWART, Chief Judge, and JONES and CLEMENT, Circuit Judges.

This young generation: Generation O

Hi all,

I love this young generation. They are the Obama generation.

I call them Generation O.

Love & Progress.



What happens if tRump has Mueller fired?


At the end, comedian George Carlin started to rail in ways that weren’t so funny any more, partly because his brand of humor had been franchised, partly because he got so, well, serious.


Lets TELL the TRUTH , Donald Trump won the presidency under a cloud of suspicion of voter purges, electronic manipulation, gerrymandering the practice manipulating district boundaries, wild promises that will be NEVER kept and with the BILLIONAIRES , the Sheldon Adelson's, the Koch Brothers, the Rupert Murdoch's , the Steve Wynns, the Donald Trump's AND the help of BILLIONAIRE Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. WITHOUT THEM there would be NO American conservative Party.

Inspection- Making America America, Part 2: A One Party System

America is in danger of becoming a one party nation. The two parties do have far too many similarities in some ways, but that's not the problem. Even with the often too far rightward 3rd way Dems there are differences. Generally they are pro-Choice, generally they cut less social programs, generally they believe in a legal balance between gun rights and responsibility.

Here's what Republicans and billionaires really mean when they talk about 'freedom'

Thom plus logo America is having a heated debate about the meaning of the word socialism. We'd be better served if, instead, we were debating the meaning of freedom.