July 11-13: At Netroots Nation

The Hidden History of Guns and the 2nd Amendment Book Tour Is Coming...

  • Saturday, June 22: Los Angeles, CA 3:00pm - KPFK Speaker Series: Thom Hartmann (Stephanie Miller will be joining Thom) on The Hidden History of Guns. UCLA Dodd Hall 147, 315 Portola Plaza, Los Angeles - Get tkts here https://www.facebook.com/events/2263735727213646/
  • Sunday, June 23: SEATTLE, WA 7:30pm
    Location: Town Hall, 1119 8th Ave, Seattle (West Entrance) w/Elliott Bay Book Company
  • Tuesday, June 25: SAN FRANCISCO, CA 7:00pm
    Location: First Church, 2345 Channing Way, Berkeley w/The Booksmith
    Here’s the Facebook event:https://www.facebook.com/events/2418269571727663/And here’s the link to purchase tickets: https://hiddenhistoryofguns.bpt.me/
  • Friday, June 28: CHICAGO, IL 7:00pm
    Location: Frugal Muse, 7511 Lemont Rd. #146 (Chestnut Court Shopping Center), Darien
  • Saturday, June 29: MINNEAPOLIS, MN 7:00pm
    Location: Common Good Books, 38 S. Snelling Ave, St. Paul
  • Friday, July 12: PHILADELPHIA, PA 4:15pm - At Netroots Nation
    Location: PA Convention Center, 1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA

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April 2018

Inspection- There is NO Such Thing as 'Fake News'

If it is news, it’s not fake. News is a measurable quantity. The two terms are mutually exclusive, but together not as clever as some seem to think. In fact those who use it the most, use it frequently, are often purveyors of what some call “fake news.”

Trump? An "innocent" man? Hah! And BILLY JOEL? Rolling in the floor LAUGHING!

Trump? An innocent man? Hah!

INDEED, a truly “innocent” man- and a man with “NOTHING to hide” - would “CLEARLY NOT”:

Poor & Middle Class "GOP" Voters: Exactly WHAT PLANET are you living on?

Anyone with a remote sense of intellect AND honesty can CLEARLY see, AND concede, that the “economic interests" of “the 99%” - and especially those within the “bottom 50%” of incomes, in America, are CLEARLY and ONLY served by the political platform and legislative agenda of the DEMOCRATS. It's just an ABSOLUTE FACT. Case closed. Next case!


YES there was COLLUSION that put Donald Trump in the Presidency , a collusion by Vlad Putin, right wing run voter subversion tools like Analytica , FOXfalseNEWS, Russians bots, Americas billionaire owned media, republican controlled states disenfranchising poor and minorities , plus voter apathy and even ill timed comments by FBI head James Comey that STOLE the presidency from Hillary Clinton. But even after all of this collusion TRUMP STILL LOST the total electoral vote to Hillary Clinton by 3 million.

Inspection- There is NO Such Thing as ‘Fake News’

If it is news, it’s not fake. News is a measurable quantity. The two terms are mutually exclusive, but together not as clever as some seem to think. In fact those who use it the most, use it frequently, are often purveyors of what some call “fake news.”

messaging a response to white people's notion of "reverse racism"

Messaging for Thom that may be helpful:

In response to your conversation with a caller this morning asking the question... can people of color be racist? And your desire for new wording...


(Just like SEXISM is PREJUDICE plus POWER.)

Postal Service

It is true there is a decline in the volume of mail due to the rise in internet and smart phone activities but one of the largest loss over the past decade is due to legislation passed during the Bush presidency that required the USPS's health and pension funds had to be funded for all employees present and future for the next 75 years AND could only be paid out of postage stamp sales!!! I

Trump Throws a Rod, Cowen Burns Out a Piston: Stormy Kicks Both of Their Asses

A good day in court for justice. Judge Kimba Wood (originally a Reagan judicial appointee) seems to be taking no BS from the right's lawyer surrogates. This is how things are going in the current pit stop at the Trump 6900 International.

"Do we look like guys who need hookers?”


Inspection- Boris and Natasha Politics

Meet Boris and Natasha, two dimensional cartoon characters with the usual one dimensional personalities that cartoon characters had. To be honest: content-wise, Boris and Natasha were closer to three dimensional than many cartoon characters back then. You knew exactly what Yogi was going to do, or Astro the dog, Tom and Jerry.

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Here's what the feud and reconciliation between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson can teach us about civility

Thom plus logo Donald Trump did not invent the art of the political insult but he's inflamed the level of vitriolic public discourse and incivility to a new low unmatched by other presidents. In a tainted tradition that has permeated our history, other presidents have not been immune to dishing out acerbic insults against one another.