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Our President is a Bully

Trump has no class. He has no empathy. When he sees a foreigner, he attacks. He doesn't know what diplomacy is, and doesn't care what he doesn't know. He needs to step down and let someone who has some take over.

Inspection- Pushing the Envelope Towards Violence

Our drive back from the Adirondacks is always long, tiresome and tedious. Ohio defines "tedious" through its dominant pattern of interstate scenery: cornfield, cornfield, "Grandpa's Cheese Barn!" cornfield, cornfield, "YOU'RE GOING TO HELL!" Which seems to invite that short stint before death called sleep driving. We tend to trade driving duties and a chance to sleep back and forth. Hopefully there won't come a time when we get confused between the two.

Leaving Paris is OK

I don't think the USA dumping the Paris accord will matter. It's a bone to the base, but unknown to Twitler, it probably doesn't matter. The big loss could be the 3rd world dropping out, but they won't. The fact is, cleaning the air isn't a financial burden - now it's the CHEAPEST means to develop a country. The main reason we need an international agreement is to assure that the 3rd world has access to cutting edge technology, which we have with or without the USA.

Watergate Vs. the stock market.

Not many present day investors remember what happened in the market due to the Watergate investigation. They were either not born or not interested. Here is a short chronological summary. June 1972, the breakin occurred and the perpetrators were arrested. Post election, the dow moved up from about 950, peaking out at 1060 in early January 73. In January 73, the Watergate trial started Archibald Cox was was appoiinted special prosecutor. The market responded slightly downward. In August, Opec placed an embargo on oil to the USA due to our meddl

The Trump presidency is like an aging pipeline

How can this not remind us of the aging pipelines carrying oil sludge and crud which now exceed their engineered longevity or are being built in risky locations. The solution (like that of DC lawmakers) is to assure us that all is ok, while in reality the pipes may fail at any moment, dumping poison into our aquifers and even polluting the Great Lakes where they cross the Straits of Mackinac between the upper and lower Michigan peninsulas.

cumulative U.S. carbon emissions

FYI we have produced ~27% of all CO-2 emissions since 1850. That is more than a quarter and is why we bare responsibility to all of mankind and should be paying more for it. Pay up time Donald!


Ending Terrorism Without War-Yes It Can Be Done

Ending Terrorism in Just a Few Years

How the Democrats Went Wrong Right: Part III: Surprised Trump Kowtowed to Saudi Royalty?

Surprised Trump Kowtowed to Saudi Royalty?

Inspection- 55%

Channel 5 News here in Nashville reported a few mornings ago that shootings in Nashville are up 55% over last year. Of course, immediately, they had a right wing "think tank" expert on who claimed it was because of drugs. I am assuming they will therefore propose more draconian drug laws that will ("amazing!") result in more drug related crimes. I also assume the resulting rise in stock for Tennessee-based Correction Corporation will make stockholders very happy.

Why Trump won

Firs, he had a loyal corps of ignorant White Trash who adored him. They loved to see him slap down the smart kids who had so humiliated them for so long.

Second, the DNC tried to lose by tilting the scales for the most despised woman in America. And DNC insiders still have the attitude that they know best and must keep the hoi polloi from making decisions. Their current revival of Cold War propaganda with "the Russians did it" is both laughable and disgusting.


Confederate Monuments

The removal of the confederate monuments in New Orleans is long overdue. In fact, all such monuments celebrating the confederacy should be removed along with all State flags that have the St. Andrews Cross because they are disguised confederate battle flags. On this Memorial Day it should be remembered that the finest army this country ever raised and arguably the finest army in history was Abraham Lincoln’s Union army.

Trickle Down Economics

To make "Trickle Down" work,
The 1% should pay more into the US Treasury
than the 1% is taking out.

Right to VoTE

Definition of Democracy: A form of Government in which the COMMON PEOPLE choose Representative Leaders by Voting.

The definition of Democracy justifies the Ratification; Enactment, To The Constitution,
an affirmative entitlement of the
Right To Vote.

I - we - should know...

Who let this retard loose? He didn’t just dump on his desk, he dumped on the fluttering tatters of civilization and sanity.

The Secret On TrumpCare Is Now Out

The Senate Republican healthcare bill is secret no more.

There's just one problem - it's not really a healthcare bill.

Don't let Mitch McConnell fool you.

Contrary to what you might have heard - Senate Republicans DID NOT unveil a healthcare bill yesterday.

They unveiled a tax cut for the rich DISGUISED as a healthcare bill.