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Somebody has to pay.

What has astounded me throughout this long and arduous financial slide over the past 11 years is that nobody will recognize the fact that if you don't tax somebody here, it will pop up over there, and there, and there... The cost all ends up getting assigned to some group eventually, but what we have done with the Bush tax cuts is we have made it legal for the people most able to pay to get off without contributing, as though their eliteness was real, or like royalty and we as the serfs must bow down.

The 1% Washington Wall Street Capital Classes' Accumulation by Dispossession is very real violence.

The violence of capitalists has morphed from its birth of blood and fire (Marx) into accumulation by dispossession. Food is taken off the plates of children and roofs removed from over their head by acts of the Washington Wall Street Nexus. Elderly are denied a decent level of resources for a dignified living in the name of budget requirements set in

Armed & Leftist


Breaking glass is not violence. This is the typically bourgeois way that the corporate media frames issues erroneously and then is able to make their fatuous point from a starting point of hyperbole and lies

Occupiers should consider a Third Way

I realize that the Occupy Movement grew out of the frustration of our system being gamed by the Banksters and, now we 99% are suppose to pay with austerity measures.

Segregation in the US and Health

In the local movement in Albuquerque there has been debate about using the terms "occupy" and "unoccupy". The discussion centers around the colonial history of the US, New Mexico in general and also White privilege. It would be great to hear people's thoughts about that as this movement continues to grow. A video about neighborhood environments and health is part of this post.

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Casino or Economy

We don't simply have a broken economy, rather we have an entire society in the lurch. Stupid is as stupid does, is an iconic movie quote, not a directive to governing.

Is Occupy a Meaningful Action for the 99%?

After spending about three hours last Tuesday morning at the Occupy Oakland location observing the situation, I have a theory. There is an aspect to the Occupy efforts that is not being addressed by the media and government. It is what I believe will continue to hold together this group, and for which they will become more stident in efforts to preserve it unless given a meaningful alternative.

Rise to the top

When I was in high school, I was, arguably, the smartest student. In my philosophy class, I thought that Plato's idea of a Philosopher King was good way for governance. However, after going through college, getting my PhD, and then being essentially shut out from any professorship, I have realized that "the cream does not always rise to the top". The idea that it does is just a fantasy, just as unreal as the tooth fairy (or the free market for that matter). For example, funding rates in science are at an all-time low, where often grants scor


Gandhi's Principles of Satyagraha 1.

Sean, 12, is the youngest father

But first...

I was on the news the other day about Chase Bank's profiting off the poor

Life is funny sometimes. In my almost-60 years, I have spent the majority of my life fighting for the rights of the poor. As a low income person myself who worked McJobs and tried to support my family for over 35 years, I have a perspective that the policy wonks *never* have. However, not to brag or anything, in spite of the fact I don't have any college degrees in poverty, people like me have a much longer range vision of what the consequences will be with policies and laws they put in place.

Isn't Penguin Publishing owned/was owned by the Chinese Red Army?


re: Supreme Court to hear Health Care Reform case

What can we do to get public pressure mounted on Clarence Thomas to recuse himself, based on Ginny's clearly partisan activism on this issue?

Camping out is Not a First Amendment Right.

As the Flea Bagger movement and its progeny move into their third month, the courts are starting to get involved:

The Question Is Not 'WHO IS MAD' It's 'WHO IS NOT MAD?' (Pakistan)

We Americans for the most part cannot understand what is might be like to live in a world dominated by total insanity. Oh, we have our share of craziness unfolding before our very eyes, just watch the rhetoric and gestures coming from Backmann, Perry, Cain and too many other delusional right-wing demagogues.

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The Secret On TrumpCare Is Now Out

The Senate Republican healthcare bill is secret no more.

There's just one problem - it's not really a healthcare bill.

Don't let Mitch McConnell fool you.

Contrary to what you might have heard - Senate Republicans DID NOT unveil a healthcare bill yesterday.

They unveiled a tax cut for the rich DISGUISED as a healthcare bill.