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Occupy Salmon Idaho

Town is sleepy, but we do occupy on Sundays:

Want to help people. Stop by 12 to about 5 Sundays at the city park next to the river.



I don't see the logic!

It's become one of the right wing major talking points, "47% of the people pay no taxes." First of all the statement is misleading on it's face because everyone who buys anything pays taxes, and anyone who owns a home or rents is paying property taxes. Secondly every single person in this country who receives a paycheck in this country pays SSI and medicare. But what do they continue to talk about cutting? The very things that people actually pay for SSI and medicare. Does anyone, even on the right see the lack of logic in what they're insisting on doing.

Creating Good Jobs in the United States




DNC Primary Challenger?

Dear Thom,

Obama’s Jobs Act "Never let a crisis go to waste": Politicizing the Unemployed versus funding jobs TODAY with Secret Fed Loans.

Never let a crisis go to waste - sound familiar?

If Secret Federal Reserve Loans - unapproved by Congress - were good enough for Wall Street, then the same type of loan is good enough for the people.

The rest of the Job Acts stuff can be dealt with via standard channels.

The Berger King

The Berger King by leighmf, sung to the old fast food jingle:

There's a Berger King
close to you,
700 Princes too!
If you want to eat or drink,
their piggy banks go plink, plink, plink.

Do you need
to drive a car?
The Kings will get your last dinar.
Steel and oil, insurance rates,
are theirs by law, that's our fates.

What about
the Mother poor-
who brings alms right to her door?
Friends and neighbors, the Great White Father-
The Kings do want him gone, oh rather!

Let's Regulate the Banksters w/ HR1489

Right now there is a bill sitting in Congress titled “The Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2011,” or HR1489 at When this bill goes through, it will be a complete reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act. Its original sponsor is Democratic Representative Marcy Kaptur from Ohio and there are now over 50 co-sponsors.

Food for Thought

Perform your duty under natural law. Revolt, peacefully.

What Can We Do?

Once again the Republicans voted down a jobs bill. What can we do? We can take down the names all every one of the Congressmen who voted agaisnt the bill and work hard for their defeat or replacement by new representatives who will work for and represent the 99ers and not the one per centers who want another vacation home or a new yacht or a new car! We also need to be apprised of those states that are passing laws to rig elections by denying voting rihts to students, the elderly, and Blacks. Why isn't the Justice system doing something about this?

I support Leo Gerard’s call for “more militancy” by the 99% Movement.

Noone is listening.

It is ALL People's country not just a few.

The Commons should receive the government's utmost respect.

Stop construction of the keystone pipeline.

Oil and Gas Industry had 802 Lobbyists in 2010.

taxpayers help pay for $10 billion in government subsidies to the oil, coal and natural gas industries each year.

Companies like Exxon Mobil and Shell are seeing a robust increase in profits. Exxon Mobil just reported quarterly earnings of $10.3 billion, a surge of 41% from last year and Shell's net income rose to $6.98 billion from $3.46 billion in the same period in 2010.


stress/dna changes in children

Maybe these changes in stress/dna explain why we keep repeating the same generational cycles?

Wisconsin allows concealed guns in the Capitol but arrests folks with signs and cameras

Governor Walker and his Koch men have voted to allow concealed guns in the Capitol.

Yesterday, folks went in with 'concealed cameras' and 18+ were arrested for having cameras, video tapers or signs (even

one stating 'I Love Wisconsin'. Matt Rothschild, editor of the Progressive, was arrested for taking a picture of someone taking a picture.

How bizarre.

Colbert did a great one on this:

Can We Trust Gorsuch On Women's Rights?

Yesterday Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer signaled that Senate Democrats would try to filibuster Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.