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What a republican believes

Thom, Please generate a transcript of your list of what a republican believes/how it votes.

What a great synthesis of recent history and republican "make me crazy" contradictions.

Thanks for your clarity!

Confusion within all the BIG ISSUES

Scary our tendency to just look at the "surface" and get caught up in "petty" arguments. This tendency alone is where we fail to produce real change, because the masses get all stirred up and emotional and confused. CRAZY. What the heck EVER happened to common sence??

Mfg vs Svc economy

It doesn't matter if the USA is increasingly a service economy. From labor's perspective, all that matters is that what little labor that has yet to be taken over by robots and computers is equitably shared by all who would prefer participation in the economy to degrading handouts or charity. Full participation is what counts, not the kind of labor. -KE

Stop Nuclear Insanity, The President Needs Your Help

Stop Nuclear Insanity, The President Needs Your Help

Stop Nuclear Insanity, The President Needs Your Help

I have watched with interest since The President’s most resent declarations about nuclear energy, and while much of the ‘environmental’ and ‘humanitarian’ communities are

What if...?

What if after all is said and done, the majority of the American people really are as they seem to be as represented by the Republicans. What if we liberals are in fact only pretending that we represent the voting majority, and the ideals we have loved, lived and fought for have in fact died in this country.

Supreme Court

8 to 1 to defend the free speech right of a sick F#@& to sell videos of people killing and maiming small animals? Will someone PLEASE tell me what I can do about this RIDICULOUS ruling? If we don't speak for the animals who will?

Carrie Lucas

Clearly she has done any research on her own. Ice core samples do not lie... Time to wake up and smell the coffee. Caffinated!

Agent Jaguar

Dear Thom: I don't understand why the "khristan" right can't understand God wants Obama to be president. How could it be otherwise?

Progressives and the green party

Why does progressive radio have independents such as Bernie Sanders on, but we never talk or try to support Green Party members or candidates that are progressive and running? Shopuld progressives be more focused on taking back the Demacratic party from the conservadems or should we look to a new party that is more progressive?

Where were you...

A few weeks ago Thom read an awesome writing that asked where were the tea-partiers when Bush was doing what he was doing. I'd like to get a copy of the entire piece.

So very sad

It's so very sad that we can not seem to learn from our past mistakes.

It's so very sad that we blame one another needlessly, when what we really need is just a better understanding of our world.

who, what , when,where, and how to get bailed out.

Since the photo of me is so small, and you probably cannot read the headline on it, I'll describe itfor you. It's a fun photo of an astronaut with my face visible in the helmet. A "for sale" sign that says that since I did not get a bailout from Uncle Sam, I am offering to sell the space shuttle. For 50 million dollars I will even throw in a launch center. As you know the shuttle is going to be discontinued as a launch vehicle by NASA, so I'm just getting a head start on their used shuttle sale.

Barack Obama is a fraud


More Wind Farms - or More Decentralized Energy?

Hi Thom and crew,

I love listening to your show! But was a bit disheartened to hear you say we need more wind farms.

Democrats Should Steal Trump's Thunder on Trade

It's time to run bigger, better and harder on trade policies.