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In third world countries it the norm to want large families. But these are countries with little or no social programs and a high early death rate. If you live in one of these countries, big families assure parents when they get old they'll have care, since the state does nothing for them.

name for the guy currently creeping around the Whitehouse

Like Voldemorte, I've been unable to use his name, so I've been calling him:

'The Orange Menace'.


THIS will be the FOURTH time in recent memory the these right wing Republican conservatives had to resort to underhanded tactics (treason) to WIN the presidency. In 1980 Ronald Reagan colluded with Americas sworn enemy the Ayatollah of Iran, to hold US Embassy hostages till after the 1980 election with Jimmy Carter to gain political advantage. Part of the deal was the Reagan as President would sell Iran weapons in exchange for undeclared cash and that cash would be secretly diverted to fund the Contra death squads in Central America.


THIS will be the FOURTH time in recent memory the these right wing Republican conservatives had to resort to underhanded tactics (treason) to WIN the presidency. Richard Nixon colluded with the Vietnamese during the 1968 election to derail sitting president Lyndon Johnston attempts to END the Vietnam war.

The Thom Hartmann book club today mentioned Naomi Klein this changes everything. Her previous book had a turn of phrase the best way to protect the planet is to put the fossil fuel industry out of business. That was my thought 6 years ago one day before the Tea Party shut down. Does anybody remember the Tea Party shut down? My industrial design the single chimney flue Tower is available My Business website. Why is it that I get no respect and no Headway and nothing even coming close to trending concerning the ability of my invention to put the fossil fuel industry out of business.

Jerusalem: the NO STATE solution

I propose Jerusalem become humanity’s first Free City. The United Nations should move to Jerusalem, and the city should become free and independent of any singular sovereignty. Let the common people of Earth house their common government in one of the few remaining cities of our common social heritage. Let Jerusalem be the beacon to our species to look beyond limitations imposed by sovereignty, nationality, and religion.


I mean come on, WHO WOULDN'T WANT Mr Trudeau and his movie star handsomeness representing their country. Mr Trudeau Canada's youthful political rock star. Mr Trudeau, trim, fit and athletic to the point he pummeled conservative muscleman Patrick Brazeau into submission in a charity boxing match. Mr Trudeau, kind compassionate , a believer in womens rights and equality and not afraid to show his feminine side. Mr Trudeau the classic family man.


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Attention: Thom Hartmann and America,

Abracadabra – Look Over There, Don’t Look Here

Why are the Republicans helping Trump cover up his Russian collusion?

Because, it wasn’t the Russians that hacked the elections. It was the Republicans. The Russians had their bots, but it was the Republicans and Cambridge Analytica that stole the election for Trump. The bots were crude weapons with limited results, but Cambridge had specific data on everyone on social media and they used it to target vulnerable voters with untraceable ads that disappear within hours. They claim to know us better than we know ourselves.

Oprah for president? or ????

Yes, I could support Oprah. For one, she's an environmentalist and applied green principles when she remodeled her Santa Barbara estate. She was raised in near poverty and understands the plight of the poor. She raised to the top by her bootstraps. She oversees a vast conglomerate empire which I envision couold be equal to Mr Trump's holdings but more diverse. She's an excellent manager. She gets my vote.

But who I would like to see run is Gov Jerry Brown with Julian Castro as a running mate.


It is unfair and rather wildly unreasonable to disrespect individuals who are indigent.

In the case of arrest and bail, such as the charge of 242 California Penal Code (Battery), a person yeilding a reasonably high income may be booked and released on bail, let's assume in the amount of $500.00. That person may be released immediately, should she or he decides to spend the money.

Inspection- Boned by Twilight Zone?

 One must ask... is there some end game here? What resolve is even possible? Is it even remotely possible that pols and pundits will ever again consistently do, or say, "what's right;" even when it's not best for them? I think there may never be a more appropriate time to decide this than right now.

Trump Nickname

Moronald Trump

Facebook, Google, CNN could UNDO what they did - in two weeks - and SAVE Democracy

Facebook or any group really, could create mock online democracy with first Tuesday mock voting. Then we dictate to our reps what we want. If they dont do it, they are voted out. Oligarchs cant fight that. Google could do it too - or CNN. It has to be a separate page.

The 18 Billion Dollar Lie of the Scammer-in-Chief: Making America Gag Again

If Mexico is going to pay for the wall, why is numbnuts asking for $18B of American taxpayer money to build it?

This is emblematic of the way that this guy does business. Promise everything, deliver nothing. This is the kind of jerk who would invite you to dinner and then stick you with the check every time.

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Thom Hartmann: We Live in a Country That Has a Totally Corrupted Political System

As the school shooting in Parkland, Florida has shown, what was considered insanely corrupt political behavior 40 years ago is now normal. And you can thank right-wingers on the Supreme Court.