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Republicon"s Have!

Thom's old-time Hollywood "doppleganger"?

On a “lighter note”, I just happened to see longtime radio, television and film character actor, Olan Soule (1909-94), on TV the other day, and noted a slightly more than passing resemblance to Thom. Although Olan was apparently born in La Harpe, IL, wonder if he could somehow be distantly related to Thom?

Just "google" some images for him, and decide for yourself. Again, just a break from the serious political banter, that's all.

How "statistically-outrageous" it is, that America's National Elections are so often a "dead heat"!

Anyone with a remote sense of intellect can see that the uber-important gauge of “economic interests of “the 99%” -and especially the “the 90%” - alone, of Americans, are CLEARLY served by the political platform of the Democrats.

Inspection- Partisan Driven Political Puritanism

Or, "As the Political Stomach Churns."

The Steady Gentrification of the Left

Since the New Left of the '60s, Leftist political movements have been appropriated from the workers by bourgeois academics and made playthings of extreme self indulgence for privileged, pampered students rather than the life and death struggles of workers.

A loose but important transcript from Thom's show 1-26-2018. Pass it on.

"Why is it that we did not have net positive migration into the United States by people that were "Illegal" pre-1970?

Where did I hear this? Dems and Reps actually agree more than disagree

I think I was listening to some KPFK (Los Angeles) show maybe 2-3 years back. I remember it was August. I think it might have been Thom's show. Can anyone help me?

Someone was making the following point. (Thom himself? maybe Bernie Sanders?)

Folks who identify as "Democrat" and folks who identify as "Republican" actually have views which have much MORE in common than either side thinks. We are led to believe we are opposing, when we are actually in agreement more often than not.




Why the illusion of separation from each other could cause the Whole to Collapse

Humans feeling of separation from each other allows them to do all manner of things to each other that they would never do to themselves .By failing to see that they are doing these things to themselves ,we produce and reproduce unwelcome results in our daily lives and in our collective planetary experience .


Use this free phone number from NARAL to contact your Senators TODAY/evening

because they are voting to end all abortions at 20 weeks.

And this vote happens TONIGHT!

This is not healthCARE; it is tyranny, and theft of & control over our autonomy.


We the people.

All of us. Call Senators a.s.ap. 1-866-665-4470

Citizens United Vs. The Constitution

Article II Section 4 of the Constitution states that Bribery is a reason for impeachment and removal from office for all Civial Officers of the United States

The Supreme Court of the United States in "Citizens United" found that corporations could give/donate unlimited funds to the campaign funds of members of congress.

A few blaring inequities associated with Social Security

Historically, state & federal government “income” taxes have been, ultimately, used for projects and causes associated with “the commons”. And, often, higher wage earners, business owners, corporations, etc. have paid more, in total, to them.

Each state is a sovereign nation state unto itself, as well as a direct democracy

Each American state is a sovereign nation-state unto Itself by law. They ratified the Constitution in their capacity as such, while also doing so with each state being a direct democracy. The phrase "we the people of the United States", refers to each state respectively, each by the will of its respective voters. In doing so, the voters in each state overruled their government to elect State ratification conventions, but they did not authorize these conventions to unite their respective nation-states together as a single nation state callled "the United States of America."

Left and Right missing the fundamental issues at stake in the "cannabis" debate

One of the most critical issues of our time is an issue 'the people' have been diverted into tragically misunderstanding to be about the 'cannabis' plant, when in fact it's about the very foundation of who and what you are as a life form on this planet and your naturally endowed rights to defend and sustain your life as such.

Trump: His "Very Fine People," & The Killer in New Zealand are Connected

Thom plus logo Trump is claiming that renegade cops and skinhead bikers will back him up (as sheriffs are doing now, refusing to enforce new gun background check requirements). The white nationalist terrorist in New Zealand thanks Trump for giving him and his ilk "a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose."