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IMAGINE the what IF

IMAGINE if Bernie hadn't been obstructed from winning democratic nomination, because the six right leaning corporate media outlets owned by the richest one percent ,conspired to ignore, black out his campaign. There were American voters half way through the election process still saying 'Bernie who', because their area's had effectively been blacked out by the corporate owned media.

Climate One

Heard about this thru the SF based Common Wealth's Club Climate One program. An Oregon group Our Childrens Trust is working to force federal and state governments to enact and support protection of the climate. They have successfully met a challenge in the Oregon courts to have the federal government recognize this as a constitutional responsibility. This will be working its way through the courts and hopefully we will be hearing more about it in late 2017.

earned media vs paid media

While we, as Democrats, feel we have good information to desseminate, we cannot be in media because we do not pay media and corporate media is doing the bidding of the people with cash. We may have the most people behind us but that is not what capitalism values. When I hear people say during the radio program "why don't we hear from the Democrats?" I don't think there is a clear understanding of the dynamic here.

Cyber Security

I am guessing there will be apps created to secure your internet activity to counteract the eve dropping legislation.

Phone call to Roskam

My husband just called our representative and asked for Roskam to give him his IP address since he obviously doesn't have a problem with giving out his privacy information. It went back and forth for quite some time and the office representative told my husband he could call Comcast and purchase that information himself. Of course my husband asked him why he should have to purchase that information when Roskam was already paid to by Comcast to give out our information.

Truth and Reconciliation?

What would it take to have a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to just acknowledge the illegitimacy of the the Trump Administration? It is no secret that the Administration is corrupt and out to "disassemble the administrative state" by self admission (Bannon, CPAC) . We are so close to a Constitutional Convention that it is realistic we all can lose what is arcanely referred to as citizenship.
Already we are referred to as "consumers" or "stake holders" by the government. We need journalism to.tell the truth about the lies.

Daily Topics - Thursday March 30th, 2017

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The People's Climate Rally 2017

The People's Climate Rally 2017

The D.C. march for science will be the most wonderfully nerdy demonstration ever
Scientists are taking a cue from last week's Women's Marches and planning their own protests in Washington, D.C., and far beyond.

Environmental Activists Plan to March on Washington April 29


Tyee Poll: Is Nationalizing Journalism the Way to End Fake News?

Hedge-fund billionaires are wringing the last drops of profit out of Canadian media organizations (cough... Postmedia... cough) before sending them out to pasture entirely — according to Crawford Kilian in a recent op-ed for The Tyee.

Daily Topics - Wednesday March 30th, 2017

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Health Care Solved - for Some...

Why don't the Northeastern and the Northwestern states secede from the u.S. and join Canada? The improved and expanded Canada might divide itself - for administrative purposes - into semi-autonomous East Canada and West Canada. The new Canadians would, of course, enjoy the benefits of Canada's health care system.


"Another example was provided recently by Fox News. They conducted a poll asking who is the most popular political figure in the country. In the lead, by a very large margin, was Bernie Sanders -- even more so among the young, the hope for the future.

Daily Topics - Tuesday March 28th, 2017

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The survival of the fittest in society: Health care for the healthy.

Screw you sick people!

Is this sinking in yet? I speak largely to the trolls and fence sitters who believe that anything good can come from this clusterf—k that minimally passes for a white house administration. Our national dumpster fire.

Canadian helathcare.

I heard your discussion of financing for Canada's healthcare. One source is a general sales tax that is applied to meals at restaurants, probably other non-essential products and services.

Trump Is Going Back On His NAFTA Promise

Donald Trump won't be pulling the US out of NAFTA - at least not immediately.

But he's still permanently changed the debate about trade in America.

Donald Trump said yesterday that after speaking with the President of Mexico and the Prime Minister of Canada, he's decided not to immediately pull the US out of NAFTA.