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tRumpcare is dead (for now) yea! Now get to work!

As I sit here on the eve of my 66th birthday, I feel the fire of the '68 convention! On the heels of the failed tRumpcare proposal, these feckless R's will be out for blood to get even. All the Real American Democratic Progressive Patriots must end the ACA celebration and tighten their bootstraps for the next round.

Military Takeover of Nation's Capitol

Listening to Anything Goes Friday & struck when topic of military spending broached. Knowing soldiers are expendibly used and blatancy of recent aggressive activity by military complex, is it not written in our Constitution that it is the rightful duty of military branches to rise against the Administration and reclaim our Nation under the leadership of those military generals in charge?

Rosa DeLauro nails 'em: GOP stands for "Get Old People".

This morning Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro nailed the GOP in the most direct and blunt way since the days when Alan Grayson, formerly a Congressman from Florida who famously bellowed out that the GOP's mantra was "Die, just go ahead and die." Well, pretty close, I'm running off the seat of seven years worth of stored memory and at the tender young age of 65, there's not much room left no thanks to all the hogwash the GOP has given us to store thanks to their Seven Years War against the poor, elderly, disabled, women, infants and children.

Daily Topics - Friday March 24th, 2017

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fiduciary rule

Please clarify: My understanding is that the fiduciary rule is a regulation issueing from the Labor department, and not a part of the Dodd Frank act. This makes your promotion invoking Dodd Frank and the fiduciary rule, saying that the fiduciary rule is being attacked by the intended roll back of Dodd Frank appear misleading.

Let's Stop These Facist Before They Kill US!

I have admired and listened to Thom for almost two decades and it is a pleasure to help support his dedicated and tireless effort to save this Democracy.

Right now it seems that there is more than ample evidence to suggest that Trump is clinically insane and that his fascist acolytes want to destroy this Democracy in order to achieve their wet dream of oligarchy.


A Montreal mosque is facing a police complaint and rebukes from the larger Muslim community after a video of an imam delivering a sermon in which he asks for Jews to be killed surfaced online.

The sermon took place at the Dar Al-Arqam Mosque in the city's Saint-Michel neighbourhood on Dec. 23, 2016.

The video was posted to the mosque's YouTube channel three days later. The imam in the video is Jordanian cleric Sheikh Muhammad bin Musa Al Nasr — he was reportedly an invited guest of the mosque.

Daily Topics - Thursday March 23rd, 2017

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Daily Topics - Wednesday March 22nd, 2016

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Gosh, Golly, My Goodness, Shucks: The Gorsuch Performance

He comes across as too affable—to the point of seeming contrived and disingenuous. He didn’t get to where he is today by being a true non-partisan nice guy inside. He also knew that keeping many of his opinions to himself was the expedient way to assure future options. But he has left some bread crumbs for us to examine in some of his rulings so far.

Why does GOP hate Americans?

It seems to me that the major unasked question is "Why does the Republican Party and the Alt-Right hate most Americans so fervently?" Everything they do is aimed at making the super rich richer at the expense of average citizens. Why is this so? What do they hope to gain? Who is going to buy the products of the giant corporations if we are all third world earners?

Climate Change Intersects Art

Apropos to the GOP's attack on both climate change and the National Endowment for the Arts, I suggest you check out this PBS webpage from last year...

This would make a great learning activity to bridge science and art curricula.

Republican effort to destroy ObamaCare

why didn't Obama veto Mark Rubios destruction of the Risk Corridors?

Resist bot

Here is that RESIST bot that your last caller was talking about:

Daily Topics - Tuesday March 21st, 2017

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Are We Going To Have A Shutdown?

The more things change - the more they stay the same.

Just under 100 days into the Trump era, our government is once again lurching towards shutdown, and it's all because Donald Trump wants American taxpayers - not Mexico - to pay for his precious border wall.