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'Charlie Brown Christmas' and all the rest of these seasonal programs that are trotted out each year on cue, please enough already.

Lets examine what Christmas for many Americans and Canadians is really all about. High suicide rates, depression, for many an increased awareness of individual loneliness , guilt, a vulgar orgy of consumer spending, more crippling consumer debt, but for most it's just an annoyance they must put up with each and every year.

Great Binding Law

Then there is the The Constitution of the Iroquiose Nations...The Great Binding Law' Gayanashagowa. I think it meets your criteria for a better future.

How to win elections

1. Take your smartphone to your elected Congressional representative. Ask, on the record, whether (s)he supports billion$ of cuts to Medicare. Send the response to every media outlet. Support the candidate who will shore up the Medicare and Social Security trust funds.

2. Do the same with your nearest evangelical minister. While there, you might ask whether (s)he agrees that it is easier to thread a camel (or dromodary) threough the eye of a needle than a Republican to get into the kingdom of Heaven.


TWO DEGREES is the battle cry of the 'do gooders' but the truth is the scientists and planet care givers in reality have no idea if TWO DEGREES will stop or arrest this overheating process, because mankind has never really dealt with a crisis like this. What learned people worry about is the trillions of tons of frozen methane stored in our oceans and tundra regions could still be released into our atmosphere and methane is 80 times more potent at trapping heat in our atmosphere than CO2.

"Stress R Us"

Thanks to Thom for addressing, if in passing, human overpopulation during today's Free Speech TV program. Rarely does anyone in the media have the courage to do this. I'm a retired neuropsychiatrist and, now, arm-chair neuroscientist, who's written a free e-book PDF by the above title. Just Google the title. What I've discovered in my extensive literature searches fits with my 40 year experience in medical practice: population density stress is the basic cause of ALL human "diseases of civiization", none of which are fo

No, courage is not dead.

Clikck on this link if you doubt it. The world desperately needs more Bob Geldofs and many more people who hear them and then decide to DO something:

Inspection- On Being Too Cocky

 The Virginia and New Jersey victories were certainly welcome. But let's not get cocky: historically that has screwed us damn near every time. Election fraud makes this even worse because even if those who are who are cocky are right it throws a wild card into the mix: as in it becomes more a matter how successful they are which can only be countered by how vigilant we are. "Vigilant" rather than, well, "cocky."

Use US Foreign Policy to Create Cultural Shift About Women

To begin the major cultural shift about women with our foreign policy, let the US lead an effort to create greater appreciation and empowerment of women in Afghanistan by implementing a two-part financial incentive program.


TALK about SOCIALISM, American corporations the largest owned by the 1/10 of one percent of the population that own 90% of all the money, also get the American tax payer to cough almost a thousand billion dollars a year (trillion) to pay for a standing military to protect the wealthiest Americans worldwide business interests and they pass it off as protecting America and the Americans as usual unquestioningly compliant buy the whole fraud hook line and sinker.

Sanders, Zuckerberg, Biden; post-classical politics at the end of hysteria

The reason for this post is Biden's recent speech. It seems that the Democratic Party's main priority right now is quashing any kind of reconciliation with the more progressive wing as represented by Sanders. That being said, there are some memes out there falsely insinuating that Biden explicitly referred to Sanders. More egregious are the accusations of pedophilia flung around wantonly. This kind of thing is not consistent wtih Sanders' ethics.

I Want a President Who Will Say...

What I want is a President who will say,

(best if read in the voice of a throaty rancher, or Wilfred Brimley)

“OK, NRA, the numbers and the American people say that gun violence is a problem in our country. Those numbers simply must come down, and I don’t care how they do.

Has Corporate Speech silenced my own in Government?

The court decisions from "Bank of the United States v. Deveaux" in 1809 which started this whole corporations were citizens thing to "Citizens United v. FEC" in 2010 which expanded their reach; basically has drowned out our speech. The "Buckley v. Valeo" case in 1976 and the 8 or so other decisions inbetween 1809 to 2014; have in my opinion completely silenced our form of free speech when it comes to our government.

Are our voices drowning in the politcal ocean?

Growing up as a child in the 80's and 90's I was never concerned with the world of politics. My father was a Repulican, and my mother was a Democrat. Anytime politics were involved at the dinner conversation it was always interesting albeit my father was always the "victor" because he was dad. Only later in life did I realize how incredible my mother was in her victories for she never had to be acknowledged for her successes. They were just successes. Silent or outspokenly loud they were always taken with a great sense of humility, and appreciation.

Inspection- Has the Carnage Stopped Yet?

"The carnage stops here!"

Proposed Petition to the NRA

Petition to the NRA

Dear Sirs and Madams:

Why Don't Norwegians Immigrate to the United States?

This is from Occupy Democrats: "Dear Trump: this is why Norwegians don't immigrate to America."

The World Happiness Rank for the United States, we're number 19 - Norway, number one.