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For Science March on Saturday

For the Science March-
1. The MOON DOES rotate on its axis, at the same rate it revolves around the earth due to mass concentrations (mass-cons) on the far side. Pick an infinite point and observe. Theory is that it protected earth from many asteroid hits, loading up the far side with more iron near the surface. FYI: The moon revolves around the Earth from the West to East (CCW from North Pole).

2. SALT does NOT significantly raise the boiling point of water (unless you mix it 1:1 or greater).

Military Service

Since Donald Trump all but put this country on a war footing, when will young men be required to register for a return to a Military Draft?


Retired Military

Daily Topics - Wednesday April 19th, 2017

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Soils and agriculture

In another life I was a community planner. One way to conserve those good agricultural soils is to use natural landscaping along the edge of rivers and lakes to capture nutrients and slow erosion. At the community I worked for we collaborated with the Soil Conservation Service to maintain and establish these natural barriers along the rivers in our community. The SCS is a great resource for trying to improve these land use practices. Thanks for covering this topic.

Daily Topics - Tuesday April 18th, 2017

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Sen. Corey Gardner (R-CO) just told us the real motivation behind Gorsuch's nomination.

On the Friday night after Gorsuch's nomination, I stopped in Denver on my way home from Nevada. The CO news interviewed Sen. Corey Gardner (R-CO) about the nomination. His comment: "I'm looking forward to having a native Coloradan familiar with public land issues on the Supreme Court". Not a single mention about conservative values, or other issues that came up during his hearings. Public lands were never addressed. So why would he say THAT?

Nuclear Weapons have prevented WWIII for nearly 70 years. A different perspective.

We have politicians, including President Obama, whose goal has been to rid the world of nuclear weapons. Realistically, that’s never going to happen. Besides, nuclear weapons have prevented wars. The countries with nuclear weapons have really never gone to war with each other. The former Soviet Union and now Russia could easily have found reason to go to war with the U.S. or other western nations, or vice versa, over the past seventy some years we’ve had nuclear weapons.

Daily Topics - Monday April 17th, 2017

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"Update, March 3, 2016: Since this post was originally published, the heat wave has continued.

Metal as fuel? These Canadian scientists are working to make it happen

Imagine one day fuelling your car with iron powder, rather than gasoline. That's the goal of some Canadian scientists who hope that metal will one day provide a cleaner, greener alternative for our vehicles.

Researchers at McGill University have been studying the combustion capabilities of metal for more than a decade. Last week, they launched an experiment into space to gain further insight to this yet untapped potential. The experiment was designed to help scientists better understand how the metal particles react in weightlessness.


Sometimes I read Facebook and find posts like "I got up this morning and ate breakfast" and there will be 46 "likes" and comments such as "Congratulations on your breakfast!" and "Keep on getting up" and "Way to get up and eat!" and "Hey, what a coincidence, I did the

IT'S the END of the WORLD as YOU KNOW IT

We're getting much closer day by day to a nuclear showdown with Russia and who could blame them, the US led NATO has surrounded their country, the US led Europeans placed harsh restrictions crippling Russia's economy , something the US would stand for about 2 minutes before all hell broke loose. Now the US is trying to bully and emasculate Russian society, a dangerous posture towards someone who has thousands of nuclear warheads aimed at the western powers.

Ignorant Jeff ‘surprised’ Americans aren’t embracing him

Jeff Sessions says he’s ‘surprised’ Americans aren’t embracing his anti-marijuana stance

Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks at the White House in Washington. Defense attorneys say they will step up their challenges to certain forensic practices now that the Justice Department has disbanded an independent commission that was studying how to improve their reliability.

Daily Topics - Thursday April 13th, 2017

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IT'S not just TRUMP we have to worry about with regards to a global thermo nuclear war. Russia now surrounded by NATO , giving Russia a defensive nuclear response time of a mere few minutes, totally breaching a REAGAN agreement with the then USSR, for tearing down'that wall', this must make them skitterish as hell..

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Another Special Election Loss - Is It Time for Democrats To Move Left?

Poll after poll shows that America is a democratic socialist country.

So why do Democrats like failed Georgia congressional candidate Jon Ossoff continue to run on a Republican-lite message? Is it time for Democrats to move left?

After this week's disappointing loss in the special runoff election for 6th District of Georgia, Democrats are looking for answers.