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EVERY SOCIAL ILL the Americans suffer from , the STUNTED GROWTH of Americans , from lack of proper health care to the hundreds of million of GUNS on its STREETS, to the I'VE GOT MINE SCREW YOU mentality that permeates every level of United States society can be TRACED BACK to the US right wing.

reading in the mirror

Two words and their current-historical importance need to be examined in light of two recent events.

Those words are: "crisis" and "socialism."

The Republican Couldn't Care Act

Let's just call it the way it is. The Republicans in Congress just want to repeal and ruin health insurance for the American people.

Medicaid renewal is not part of the Graham Cassidy Bill

Today you seemed to be saying that Medicaid (not Expanded Medicaid under ACA) would come up for renewal in 2026. I believe this is inaccurate. The block grants which replace Expanded Medicaid and the insurance subsidies (which subsidize families below 400% of Federal Poverty Line, but over the 138% FPL that qualifies people for Medicaid and Expanded Medicaid) under Obamacare would come up for renewal, not the Medicaid program that has been around since 1965.

Climate Breakdown/Appeal to Talented Graphic Artists/Pic=1,000 words..?

Only an imbecile could deny the obvious Man-made Climate Breakdown we are currently witnessing.
Even the phony "REALity Show" Donald and the [unholy] wholly-Owned Republickans can't be so ignorant. To lie and feign such absurd stupidity requires sociopathic [anti-people] greedy Evil.
I can draw a box and a cake. Beyond that I'm lost -- but I'm hoping a talented cartoonist might draw a panel to get under the paper-thin skin of the "potus"...

Podcast on iPhone?

Anybody else having trouble loading daily poscasts from the Thom Hartmann app on iPhone. I haven't been able to get it for days. You can go to the podcast site but the podcasts won't load, there's nothing there. Thanks, vernone

Trump v North Korea: Game theory in action finite player v. finite player

I recommend that anyone interested in getting a sense of what might happen between nations, look at Simon Sinek's application of game theory to threats of war; it's on YOU TUBE.

Inspection- What Dreams May Connect

A brief break from politics and social issues. Couldn't you use a break?

 I was standing in front of the recruiter as he said...

Divide and conquer

Racism is spread with Peer Pressure.

Who needs Kris Kobach?

We've all heard about Kansas Secretary of States list that allows himself and other nefarious Secretaries of State to throw legitimate voters off the voting rolls because they have similar names to others on voting rolls in other cities, counties, or states. But, if you live in the States of Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, Ohio, or Oklahoma anyone can look up YOUR voting registration by a simple online search by name, phone number, address, zip code or even your email address. No list, permission from the state, or deviant government official required.

Ocular Rectitis

Definition: Looking at the world through crap colored glasses.

Russian bot to spoil Voter Registrations may have been active in California

I just heard Randi Rhodes talking about a Virus that was used in Durham (NC, I think) that may have been responsible for tweaking people's Motor-Voter Registration. The process which allows people to register to vote at the DMV, and then that information is sent to the local Registrars' office for processing.

HOORAH 'heard, understood, recognized and acknowledged' USMC

As BAD as ISIS are as killers compared to the United States they are but amateurs. The death toll in the undeclared Vietnam war is estimated at almost four million, i say estimate, because there was so much killing nobody really knows. Americas financial and logistical support of right wing military Juntas in Central America killed an estimated four hundred thousand mostly innocent indigenous natives. Americas illegal invasion of Iraq has seen the death toll climb to over a million. Afghanistan another illegal American invasion now has a death toll of over 300,000.

Little Prince Jeffie’s Thin Skin Can’t Even Take a Laugh

Free speech includes the right to laugh or giggle. If not, it should, since there is a lot to derisively laugh about in DC these days.

Trump Is Using Racist White People To Make The Rich Richer

There is this whole mythology that Donald Trump came to power because 53% of white women voted for him, because 66% of white working men who didn't have a college degree voted for him.

That may be, but those are not his constituents. Those are his suckers. Those are his rubes.