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Civil War

The Civil War was without question caused by those who wanted to maintain slavery. Those in power - the slave owners - had a financial interest to maintain the institution of slavery. It is no different than today, we exist in a system that is controlled by the wealthy. Young men and women today march off to war based on the interests of a few.

Stamped from the Beginning - 3 Threads

I've created this account specifically to create this post, in hope that Thom and as many of his fans as possible will read a very important book written by Ibram X. Kendrik called Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America

The Chaos Comes From The Dominator Male Culture

Just finished reading an important contribution to raising human consciousness .The Heart -Mind Matrix ..How the Heart Can Teach the Mind New Ways to Think by Joseph Chilton Pearce he wrote the forward to Thom’s book The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight which should be on the carriculum of every school on the planet.

Bars and Stripes Forever: The Official Trump March is Designated

With apologies to John Philip Sousa, the official march of the Trump administration will be Bars and Stripes Forever.

Word is that other official designations are on the way, such as the national fish, the Convict Cichlid.

The official avian species is the Jail Bird.

The official Trump mammal will be the Sewer Rat (apologies to rats—the skunk was a close second).

I am entertaining other nominations for these important appointments.

"Trickle-Up Economics" -- The only plan that will work

The analogy which seems to best characterize the myth of Reagonomics is that ‘the best way to feed the birds is to give all of the grain to the horses and let the birds pick through their droppings to sustain themselves.’ Sounds like a shitty life to me!

Indictments: Did Leaks Prompt the New Trump and Nunez Offensives Against Muller and Clinton?

The Millipede's Ball

Now come the first criminal charges in the Muller investigation.

Beware of connected devices! They are a prime target for hacking.

Connected devices are increasingly being used for cyber attacks. They often lack critical device protections and organizations fail to segment their networks in order to reduce the attack surface. If you can connect to your devices through the internet, so could anybody else. This video put out by Cisco highlights exactly how real this threat is.

JFK was killed by Dulles & Co.

If you've read JFK and The Unspeakable by James Douglass and Devil's Chessboard by David Talbot, you can see that JFK was killed by the 'deep state's' creator Allen Dulles and his buddies. I leave you with this by Joan Mellen

and this by Peter Kornbluh

What I Think Conservatives Really Want

Yesterday was a tough one. I got really angry. The trigger ultimately had little to do with what it became: an over-the-top, emotional meltdown about Trump’s America and all things conservative. Cathartic though it may have been, indulging rage really isn’t any fun. I’m hoping the purge will sate me for a good while to come.

Oil $

Consider what supports the value of the dollar--oil. Agreements to buy and sell oil in American dollars has maintained the dominance of this currency. Now, the value of oil is eroding fast. American refineries step up capacity. Pipelines funnel oil to refineries for countries still dependent. Decreased investment in oil and oil infrastructure globally. (Think bombing Iraq's refineries.) Refining capacity increases in value relative to oil production. Capitalists liquidate and convert assets in dollars to other forms of wealth, thus, the current accelerated rape of American economy.

Swastika-Inspired Anti-Trump Logo

"Disapproval of President Donald Trump’s comments following the deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, has been widespread among both Republicans and Democrats. Many saw Trump as equivocating on the brutality that ensued after the KKK, neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and other members of the so-called alt-right protested the removal of a monument to Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

Democratic Purge of Fear betrays weakness... NOT Dem v Rep; It is Corp. v. PEOPLE.

Let’s be honest. We (Bernie/People’s wing) don’t want Corporatist / DLC / Clintonian sell-outs in OUR Democratic Party -- because they are basically “lite” Republicans working for Wall Street and, worse, the Military Industry who have sold-out their ideology for the corporate dollar using antiquated fear of Russia, etc.

This began as the most benign way to raise money once Reaganism had more than decimated Union strength back in the 1980s.

Organized Money Is Dangerous To Democracy

The question that is constantly being asked, particularly on the talking heads on television, is "what do the Democrats have to do to regain political power?" What does it take?