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Metanoia Films - The Power Principle: Corporate Empire and The Rise of the National Security State

Metanoia Films - The Power Principle: Corporate Empire and The Rise of the National Security State to watch online

Romney Managed Kryder Pass-Through

It is ever so creepy to know that G.H. Walker & Co. stalked the assets of Katherine Kryder with Missouri fictitious entities since the year she was born, 1931. The last Walker entity associated with the Kryder Estates merged in 1974, two years after Katherine's death, when Buena Vista Savings and Loan was converted to notes, and these events are all neatly numerically linked (for accounting purposes) by Bain Capital Fund X LP MA FEIN 0001417662.

An Excerpt from "The Last Oswald"

The Last Oswald

by Anonymous

A Stage Play in three alternate acts.

Act 1

The Last Oswald (whose real name is never given), sitting in his Apartment, speaks to his wife, seated nearby, working on her 'scrap-book'.

The Last Oswald: "I told you... I'm waiting..."

His Wife: "You said that. I said... for what?"

The Last Oswald: "I told you, I can't tell you."

His Wife: "Why?"

The Last Oswald: "Is it Friday today?" He pauses... "Or... Thursday?"

Suspense builds as His Wife pastes and cuts.

imagination time

Daddy's Radio

While back, man named…like the swirly cone place…Foster Friess…that's how I remember… said something' 'bout women keeping aspirin 'tween their legs, so's not to get pregnant. Daddy got the biggest kick outta' that. But there's this mechanic; down at the service station; who stares at me like I was naked and does a nasty thing with his tongue when daddy ain't lookin'. No way, I could keep aspirin down there, if he were to come up on me; no matter how much I screamed and fought him off.

Discussion of Anti-Depressant Medications.


I frequently listen to your program on Sirius/XM satellite radio. I commend you and your "periodic replacements" for promoting the liberal message. However, I am very disgruntled by the frequent rantings that you and Mike P. have on the "dangers" of antidepressants. Many of us take these medications and would not be alive otherwise. I urge you to discontinue these rantings as they are not helping the liberal cause. You and your replacements are not doctors. Quit playing them!

From Rebozo to Romney

Below is a very recent thread which unites Romney and Nancy Pelosi in Moduslink, but goes back to Wakefield and Rebozo.

Seniors being thrown off the voting roles

Hi, Everybody!! And Major Kudos to You, Thom!! I just got off the phone with my local voter registration office. I am in Texas, and have been worried all year about my senior mother wanting to vote this year, but she doesn't drivemore and her drivers license has expired. Of course, there has not been a final court ruling on that state ID requirement yet, but it is getting very late for people to try to pull that together in time for November, if necessary. Also, she can't find her birth certificate.

Does anyone know if Our President did.....

Thom spoke that President Carter had solar panels on the roof of the White House and when President Reagan came in he ordered them to take them down. Does anyone know if President Obama has done the same thing and installed Solar panels on the roof of the White House knowing he wants Clean Energy.

Does anyone know.....?

has to be a better way 1

BOYCOTT: Kentucky Fried Chicken helping Asian Pulp and Paper destroy the Rainforest.

KFC CEO David Novak refuses to end his companies relationship with APP, the firm that is forcing many species like the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger into extinction. Mr. Novak has put cheap fast food packaging ahead of one of the greatest creatures millions of years of evolution has ever created. The social values Mr. Novak’s actions engenders are sad.

By touting Clinton’s alleged Economic prowess, lying President Obama unveils his biggest whopper to date.


Where is Donald Trump's Worldview Leading Us?

I want to step back a little from the constant strum of the latest Trump scandal to the most recent outrage, the Trump constantly popping into the news literally every day. I don't remember this during the Obama administration or any other presidency frankly of my lifetime.

Every day they look for some way to get in the news even if it's negative.