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The Dishonest Campaign of Joe Saunders

By Jerry Waxman

Unclaimed Burgers, Ewing, Edward B. aka

Bernie, you tomato-wage sucking tool, have you the faintest idea just who has your number? You are a number, not a man, and frankly, you should be working for me, not them. Except I don't think I like you very much, not from what I've heard and read. You left some burgers back on the trail of the Lehman Shearson BK I Realty, Inc.

voices carry

JFKs Brain found Hidden in Obama's Just Ice Department Under Hoffa who, still alive, and claiming he's a Patsy, dies suddenly when exposed to air.

Oswald claims to know nothing Hoffa didn't know, Hoover rolls over in grave, local man looks up, but is not fed, swoln with wind...

A quiz for all of Thom Hartmann Listeners and other interested parties

Listed below is a platform from someone who ran for President. Please send me back your vote as to WHO the Person and I will reply to this mesage in 1 week.


People’s Property used for free to generate XS Wealth: "Steel mill polluted town as Romney firm profited."

Pollution depletes the People's Commons, their most valuable asset. And isn't it ironic that we spend so much energy on allegedly maintaining our military supremecy when in a sense it could be said that the military's primary purpose is supposed to be protecting the People's claim to the Commons. The Commons - respected by the Military, spoiled by the Corporations?!?

USA Has Become a Police State

It is a sad fact for this old WWII vet to admit that we have become a Police State. But, guess what it didn't JUST happen. It started when our CIA, Justice Department, which includes the FBI, the NSI, and in fact all our intelligence communities are guilty of the knowledge that JFK was murdered and this knowledge was shared by the highest elements of each intelligence community. It was at this time that we started murdering our own people within each agency. They committed "suicide" by being found in a suicide position. These are not my facts; these facts were

Using A Blog Specialist to prevent Clogging of the Blogging Fogging up Everything for Everyone thanks To Hillary Obama Reid!!!???

Flogging blogging fogging bloggers sogging blogosphere atmosphere.


Romney to mate Ryan!! Gay marriage becomes Republican norm in stunning announcement!! No holds barred in brutal sado-masochistc campaign!!!???

What's next for these two jokers?

Tune in tomorrow, but hear me today, yesterday will be gone by then and then where will we be???


A bitter psyoption.

olympic effort

Regardless of the Ryan quixotisms about how 800 billion cut from Medicaid, voucherizing Medicare and regressive taxation will invigorate the economy (or the middle-class contraction inflicted by Republican statehouses); the stubborn recovery argues for more exercitation (stimulus) of what now makes progress, not reluctance - the tough get going, winners never quit, a deal is a deal.

Raping White Christians for Obama's Muslim Brotherhood best paying job in America, Reid and Hillary in God we tryst!!!??

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It's an emergency!

Obama's NASA conspiracy to Blow up Moon will create tidal waves and destroy America!!!


Socialists cheer Obama's plan to take all the fun out of Capitalism!!! Mao returns from grave and gives Obama Stalin's mustache which he stole from Hitler!!!!

Someone do something about this, right away!

Click on link above to donate to our petition drive, five semolians will let you autograph the petition. No greenbacks allowed.

Keystone Pipeline and Shell in Arctic: Brain eating Amoeba spawned by Global Warming claims another swimming victim.

The America I Knew Has Almost Disappeared

Like an alcoholic family that won't discuss alcoholism (and proving Don Quixote's warning to never mention rope in the home of a man who's been hanged), far too many Americans are unwilling to acknowledge or even discuss the ongoing collapse of democracy in the United States.