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Fossil Climate Chaos: Gen X’s ambivalence guarantees them a feral existence in a dying world.

When I found this article’s web page it had a banner advertisement from Obama’s GE.

Inspection- The Good Inside

Proposals for federal laws to combat gun violence and restrict access to guns by those convicted of crimes

Along with everyone else, I am appalled by the incident in Aurora, CO and I extend sympathy to those adversely affected. That having been said, I have been expecting a spike in incidents for a long time. Because of the success of the NRA and the rest of the pro-gun lobby, it is inevitable that such event would occur and that more of these killing will take place between now and the 2012 election.

Obama's Pot Problem... Conservatives

I No Longer Own Any Weapons

By Jerry Waxman


If your not sure refer people to go to

Dear Thom - I started - the first fully integrated progressive non-partisan platform for every citizen. I do not have the resources to expand this venture and am willing/looking to partner with you or may be sell a majority stake to you. Pls read below and if you are interested, pls feel free to contact me via - or

Excellent Reading: "Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt" by authors Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco

Chris Hedges for President in 2012

Special thanks to Bill Moyer

Kids Boot Camp??!!! - Gun Control? Dream on...

Attached is an article scan from the Tacoma News Tribune dated July 20, 2012. Parents having a "youth camp" (at Joint Base Lewis/McChord in Tacoma) so kids can play with automatic weapon toys. We wonder why there are killings like what happened in Colorado this week!?

Tea Party Link for Holmes

After George Stephanopoulos and Brian Ross and other liberals said that James Holmes was a member of the tea party and not at all a member of the Tea Party will they on the network news; and blogs; are they all going to admit their mistakes on the blogs and network news?

Fossil Fuel Climate Choas: Heaviest rains in 60 years kill 37 in Beijing.

“US poverty on track to rise to highest since 1960s”: Get your Crap together Washington Dems & Republicans!:

Or take your Two Party crap over People and get out of public service…and yea, you can take your special interest contributions$$$ with you!

Unclaimed Property, ALIAS OSAMA

Ye who are intrigued by George W. Bush's residence in South Central LA ( if you haven't already, please look the address up on Google Maps pronto!) may also like to revisit the simultaneous WTC ENRON collapses and think about unclaimed property (UP) in Tulsa, OK of

OSAMA, ALYIAS 7611 E 21ST ST #105 , TULSA OK 74129, $UNKNOWN Source: Oklahoma,

GE: Japan probes alleged cover-up$$$ at Fukushima nuclear plant.

“…part of a widespread practice…”

Ron Johnson (R-WI) says guns didn’t play a role in Aurora Shooting massacre.

Uhm,…whatever,…lunatic fringe being interviewed on FOX by stephanopolous.

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GOP Is Going To Pull A Reagan On Healthcare… I'll Explain

As more and more Republicans come out against the Senate GOP's so-called healthcare bill, is it even going to pass?

As the Senate Republicans move to delay a vote on their murderous healthcare bill, the White House says it's optimistic that changes will be made.

But will those be real changes?