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Republicans Kill Marijuana Decriminalization Bill in New York

Republicans Kill Marijuana Decriminalization Bill in New York
The Democrats who control the State Assembly, many of them black or Latino residents of New York City, saw a proposal to decriminalize the open possession of small amounts of marijuana as a simple matter of justice: too many black and Latino men were...

Congressman to DEA Head: "Does Meth and Heroin Cause More Deaths Than Marijuana?"

Stephanie Miller is Right, It's "Retarded" to Worry About Having Drones Flying Over America! It's Not Like They're Armed...For Now-

Support "your President", morons! It's not your business how "we" operate the government- It's National Security stupid! Do you want the Drug Lords to hold back their laundered money from the banks again? Like they did in 2007, and almost gave Henry a heart attack! You go Paulson Timbers!!!

Mitt Romney claims American Citizenship has to be "MORE ATTRACTIVE" to ILLEGALS

Despite the fact that people are ivading our country and stealing all the Landscaping and Migrant labor jobs from the last bunch of criminals that were deported or died or went into housekeeping. Mitt Romney wants to make them COZY while they wait in line. What? Willard, you gonna give em foot massages and Tacos?


Who exactly is contemptuous? Contemptuous of the laws whose letter binds the attorney, or of the officer who recites them? I doubt that all procedural avenues to broader discovery were so so awfully exhausted and reasonable negotiation so frozen by Mr. Holders somehow evident disrespect/disdain for Congressional oversight (how many times has he testified, how many documents provided?). Nevertheless, rather than solving the problem, it seems obvious to me that the baseless suspicions of Mr.


Yesterday show, the relationship between Republican and Democrat.

The the Republican party led by an activist Supreme Court has lowered the civility and decency standards in America. Back to the old West you say? Why? This is all about short-term profit! It has nothing to do with improving society or the economy. It has everything to do with putting off tomorrow, what we should do today. This citizen of these United States looks at the lack of cooperation and decency, that is perpetrated on America by right-wing activists. The question in my mind is how do we pull this together?How do the we stop ourselves from falling into a pit of extremist disparity.

The conservative brain trust, America should lead the way by example.!

3 1/2 years after George Bush was retired from office we are faced with more failed policy. I am speaking of smokestack pollution in particular.When George Bush took office, the clean air act would have forced standards that would have improved the air quality in America, to some degree. But instead the Bush administration circumvented the clean air act. My point in case is, the Bush administration frontloaded short-term profits and backloaded long-term liability with inflation into the system. What?


Eliminate “Debt” Worldwide with Jubilee

Eliminate “Debt” Worldwide with Jubilee

Is mankind ready for the end of rain?

It finally rained in Madison.

Scientists at Leiden University Discover Water (H2O) Ejected From Stars in Constellation Perseus

scientists at Leiden University Discover Water (H2O) Ejected From Stars in Constellation Perseus MORE

Mitt Romney denies using LSD and Marijuana

After confessing to getting the MUNCHIES and being BLOWN AWAY by the AWESOME TECHNOLOGY in 7-11 and shit, Mr Romney was confronted by lots of life-long 7-11 patrons about Weed, and Burritos, Asteroids, and if he has an opinion about why there are so many Indians and Palistanis instead of fat old women behind the counter. Mr Romney denies ever playing PAC MAN or Asteroids at a 7-11.

Republicans prove FAST and FURIOUS not politically motivated.

After relentless attacks from the Liberal Media the Patriotic Republicans investigating the Obama-Holder conspiracy to provide ASSAULT RIFLES to ILLEGAL ALIENS and MEXICANS,

The Knee-Jerk-Left Idiocy...

Yeah, right...while the USofA arms merchants sell more guns all around the world and the Intel agencies work closely with the Penatgon to fulfill the Military Industrial Complexes addictions to WAR PROFITEERING by figuring out ways to start up the NEXT arsenal expending conflict, the "naive beyond all description" Knee-Jerk-Left buys into the guns for Mexico deal thus following, LIKE THE LEMMINGS THEY ARE, the manipulation of "today's story" from the right wing corporate news spin machine.

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The Secret On TrumpCare Is Now Out

The Senate Republican healthcare bill is secret no more.

There's just one problem - it's not really a healthcare bill.

Don't let Mitch McConnell fool you.

Contrary to what you might have heard - Senate Republicans DID NOT unveil a healthcare bill yesterday.

They unveiled a tax cut for the rich DISGUISED as a healthcare bill.