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joe walsh to debate Tammy Duckworth Sat April 28 Wheeling

The debate is being held at the VFW Hall 700 McHenry Rd in Wheeling Sat April 27 between 2-3:00pm Let's get out and support Tammy. jw said he invited Tammy to debate him, if he uses the same strategy he used 2 weeks ago he know that she can't make it and will use the time to just beat her up for being scared to debate him. Let's get out and support Tammy!!!!

Enable me to spread your information to others.

I would like to have a way to send a link or a copy of your 6 minutes of daily news to people who have never heard of you. I think it would increase your audience in the long run, and at least inform many more people who need to be informed. I have a paid subscription to your podcast, and download it via iTunes. If this is already possible, show me how. And if it isn't, please make it so. Thanks for listening.

The White House "Stenographer's Ball"...

On the eve of a White House party that "celebrates" the White House Press Corps, it presents an opportunity to expose the biggest failure of a CORE ELEMENT of our alleged "democracy". In direct and clear SPITE of the singling out of a "free press" in our founding documents, it simply must be pointed out that of ALL failures or diminishments of our societal and governmental institutions, that the failure of the Press to do their jobs is BY FAR...the biggest failure of all.

Our union TSA has failed us

Did you hear about the TSA employees that were paid to allow drugs and who knows pass through our airports. Yes, it did happen. So what happen to those TSA employees and did their union tell what their plans are for those employees will face? If you remember the evil one as so many say he was (President Bush didnt want them in the union)

FDR and the Unions

If FDR was for the little man and not for big business as most historians claim why didn't he unionize all Federal Work Programs he created in his first 100 days in office as an executive order? If he did most would still be around. Correct?

TAKE THE PLEDGE: Never vote for a Republican or Democrat ever again!


H.R. 4089, the Sportsmen's Heritage Act allows hunting in the National Park System

Amazingly, an amendment that would have clearly exempted national park units from the bill was rejected by 260 representatives, a disturbing number.

Riddle me this: Why such a fuss over Greece when the recent belly-up of a much bigger Spain hasn’t even been in the news?!

Answer: Goldman Sachs doesn’t have any losses to recoup?! The scam of Central Banks using a purposefully tanked country to launder money to speculators has been exposed with Greece and they can’t do it anymore?!

U.S. growth slows as inventory accumulation wanes.

Much, if not all, of the recent alleged "recovery" wasn’t even to produce or replace stuff that was selling contemporaneously.

Obama"s record

You are doing great work, I try to call in, but it's hard to get thru, thanks for all you do.

I voted for Obama, but I, like many Dem's, am a little unhappy that he hasn't full filled his promises quite like we all had hoped.

Was it not Bush who borrowed $7 trillion before Obama took office?

Is it going to be another year that our choice will be the lesser of evil's come election time?

If you have time to answer these questions where will I look for the answers?

Thanks so much and keep up the good work you do, run for office somewhere, we need your ideas!

Iceland Jubilee

Have been reading on line that Iceland has forgiven home owner debt that exceeds 110% of home value. Have also read that there is a news black out on this in the U.S.

Perhaps this is a story that should be verified and brought into the light.

Bloomberg actually suggest helping economy by cutting SS and Food Stamp benefits

Here is a summary article on the topic:

Here is the Bloomberg article in question where they describe switching to the "chained-CPI."

If you read the story carefully, you can see they are advocating cuts to Social Security and Food Stamps to help the economy (or to be more precise, to avoid hurting it, which they argue, those things do.

The American Student Loan Problem and how it can be fixed

I feel our current President has made our student loan problem much worst and I feel he could correct it with one instrument: His Pen. Here is what he will do.

no dissension allowed on the Hartmann show

HI Thom

Why Aren't Republicans in Favor of Medicare for all?

Republicans got one thing right during their failed attempt to repeal Obamacare: Americans DO want more choice.

So why aren't they getting behind Bernie Sanders as he pushes for the one thing that can give Americans real choice -- Medicare-for-all?