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More fodder for Thom's show.

Tea Party members? Nope. Occupy parasites.

Watch Hartmann claim they were set up.

Ooooh Say Can You See???

*Privatized prisons

*Mercenary armies

*Charter schools

A Spineless Fraud

My disenchantment, and perhaps that of many other liberals, began long before Obama's re-electioneering.

Wealth Inequality Leading to Political Dysfunction-- points out Rachel Maddow and Paul Krugman

Last week Rachel Maddow several times pointed out how income inequality is leading to political dysfunction as our political system grows more and more unworkable. With the very rich controlling the Republican Party, there is very little motivation to reach compromises, to work on important problems, etc. Rachel had a superb chart showing the increase of wealth inequality matched with political polarization in Congress. The chart lines were stupendously overlapping.

To look at Rachel's interview with Paul Krugman,


Unions Against Wall Street

Maybe a strong, determined labor movement would be more effective than the Occupy Movement. I think so, but then I'm hard-core union. Thom apparently mentioned this list recently:

Obama's "Unemployment Rate" Lies: Currrently only 63.6% of Americans are in the Work Force – the Lowest Rate in 30 years!

Screw the government's definition of "unemployment rate".

The fact of the matter is that currently 63.6% of Americans are currently in the work force - the lowest rate in 30 years - with 342,000 dropping out just last month alone.

GE, BP, Wellpoint, Pfizer, …Obama IS ALEC!

Time to face the truth, Obama IS A.L.E.C.


A month or so ago Thom listed 35 great social changes that changed the U.S., e.g., 40 hr. work week, social securtiy, etc.

Is there a place where I could find this list?

Thank you.

BOYCOTT: List of ALEC member corporations.

(Special thanks to the Good Americans at ALTERNET and NOT the White House)

Obama’s proposed fracking rule requires disclosure of toxins pumped into the ground AFTER drilling is complete NOT 30 days before start.

WOW, this sounds exactly like some of the crap surrounding Walker’s Mining Bill!!! The objectives of ALEC and T. Boone Pickens are expressed the same.

New CBS Season Disappointment

I was looking at an interesting Hub page that reminded me about TV and what we are missing. Although CBS have a good stash of established shows like Hawaii Five-O, CSI, Mike & Molly, The Mentalist, Undercover Boss, The Good Wife, The Amazing Race, and 60 Minutes, their new season shows for 2012/2013 are very disappointing. Take NYC 22 (Rookie Blue under another name) and Ron (terrible) as examples. Come on CBS, we expect better!

Forfeiture $quads

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The "Better Deal" Platform

Democrats like Chuck Schumer say they're serious about putting the interests of working people first.

They say their new Better Deal Agenda puts the interests of working Americans first.

But are they doing enough to help out America's labor unions?