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What can one really say about Ted Nugent?

I used to listen to his music and enjoyed it. At that time he seemed to be more of a hunter, naturalist, conservationist, type conservative. He certainly is not that now, he is not well spoken and it looks like he thinks that savagery is a quality in leadership and his leadership is just what America needs. While there's been a lot of years since I first bought into Ted Nugent's music and philosophy. I have grown considerably and frankly I've outgrown it. Ted claims he's never done drugs but something has stunted his growth both emotionally and intellectually.

Obama's Broken Promises

Obama's broken promises highlight Obama's failures, his hypocrisy and his incompetence. Any list of his supposed accomplishments are usually not Obama's but rather accomplishments of Congress, often with little or no input from Obama. In those few instances when he did join the fight it was already too late, most notably in the health care debate. Keep in mind that the list that follows catalogs promises MADE and NOT KEPT.

Obama a million times better than Romney

Has Obama pushed forward all the policies a progressive/liberal would want?

Absolutely not, at least I'm pretty sure not. But who knows what is going on behind closed doors. I'd sure like Medicare for all, cutting the military by at least half, restoring the taxes that were in place under Clinton, restoring effective tariffs, allowing labor unions their traditional role in bargaining for workers, breaking up the large monopolies and concentrations of wealth and power (including the banks), ending governmental support for nuclear power, etc., etc.

Draft Warren Campaign!!!

Please, won't someone with name recognition and a following initiate a “Draft Elizabeth Warren” campaign? Do you know anyone who might be able and willing to do it? It needs to get rolling, now.

If you're still an Obama follower please see the list of Obama's broken promises in my post here:

Tom Barrett-D Wisc will NOT allow Wages and Benefits go back to Pre-Walker levels.

Vote for Kathleen Falk, she will do more than just reinstate Collective Bargaining rights.

Mr Obama, Dogs are for petting, NOT for appetizers!

The left continues to push the story of the Romneys traveling on vacation with the dog in a crate on the roof of their car for fundraising. They made a special screen for it.

Why do the Biggest Corporations gets the biggest tax breaks,Apple,Google,Amazion,and More!!

Why is it that the biggest corporations get the Biggest tax breaks????

Lies from Mitt, Consider His Heritage

Mormons, since their founding, have considered lies a reasonable, honorable weapon against inferior non-Mormon "outsiders" or, as they say, "gentiles." In regards to lying, the ends justifying the means, I quote Jon Krakauer’s book, Under the Banner of Heaven. "Historian D.

Nobody 2012

Support The Only Candidate Ready to Serve and Unite America: Nobody
Nobody For President in 2012 is an echo from the past, a gift from the irrepressible Wavy Gravy, pioneer hippie, Saint Misbehavin' and Official Clown of the Grateful Dead.

Does anyone know anyone who surports the plan

Mr. President. Being that you like to call out names to those who agree with you on issues; who were the names of the people who were behind you supported your new tax on millionaires and billionaires. What do they do and where do they live? And besides Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, billionaires who support it; is their any others we know who agree to it too? Thats billionaires.

First Solar Cuts 30% (2000) Jobs, Closes Plants as Demand Slows

What percent of the loan guarantees will we get back on this one?

Can Obama Win Votes

DRCnet: Can Obama Win Votes
by Waging War on Medical Marijuana?
I Don't Think So.

Colorado: State Democrats
Officially Support Marijuana Regulation Initiative
NORML blog

The Buffet Rule

I appreciate your attempts to talk logic using facts to lunatics. Since the idea of tax breaks for the wealthy is based on job creation, Lets Truely have a person create a job using their income. For instance if you earn 1 milllion dollars from all sources in a year, Hire two people. Pay them $50K w/Benefits (health insurance, 401K...etc.) annually on a permanent basis.

Will Democrats Filibuster Neil Gorsuch?

After months of talking about "resistance", Senate Democrats finally appear to be putting their money where their mouth is.

After days of testimony, Senate Democrats have seen enough of Neil Gorsuch - enough to know that they're going to try to filibuster him.

Chuck Schumer made that very clear during a speech yesterday on the senate floor.