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Wonder why the last few years are somewhat screwed up?

I thought you would find this interesting to put it mildly !

There are actually two messages here. The first is very
interesting, but the second is absolutely astounding - and explains a lot.

A recent "Investor's Business Daily" article provided very

The Government and the Poor

Volcanic activity in the Permian triggered an average global temperature increase of +54 F.

Are our leaders responding to our Climate Crisis like deer in the headlights? Is Obama in denial despite his claim that believes in Climate Change?

Thom does know how to correctly pronounce Iran!! Iran (ee-RON) and Iranian (ee-RON-ee-un)

Thom does know how to correctly pronounce Iran!!


I am Hawk50, that was my call name durring the war. I will call you Mr. Hartmann, if you don't mind, because we have never met. I have listened to The Big Picture for quite a while. This is what I have to say. I am a Marine from the 60's and I feel that it is time to remind my brother's and sister's, both retired and active, that we took an oath to defend our country and Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Well the time has come! While we have been busy trying to defend other peoples Democracy, we have forgotten about our own.

Is Democratic Capitalism Possible?

A Capital Idea Part 116: Is Democratic Capitalism Possible?

A new way to frame the issue of capitalism versus socialism, and democracy versus authoritarianism just occured to me last night. I think all 4 might be possible: Democratic Socialism, Democratic Capitalism, Authoritarian Socialism, and Authoritarian Capitalism, as well as combinations of these. Since I am writing about "Capital Ideas," this seems a very relevant topic.

rule of law?

I believe the most pressing problem in America is the lack of accountability. If this country were really about the rule of law as it once was. Then war criminals, banksters, corporations and the malefactors of great wealth would be brought to the bar of justice. Right now the elites are not afraid to steal and plunder and lie because they do not fear punishment.

Why Do Kids Bully?

Bully paralyzes middle school student with a punch to the abdomen.

How many $ did this idiot cost the 47% er's in her short tenure?

GSA Administrator IN 2011: VOLT WILL SAVE MILLIONS. GSA administrator in 2012: Resigned in disgrace = Priceless


Newport Oregon CityCouncil/Mayor declairs Corporation are not people

hey I know its a small town but its a start. Check it out on FaceBook Occupy Newport

Is denial of, or acts in seeming disregard for, Global Warming now a matter of violating National Security?

food and water shortages, deaths from violant weather, rising sea levels reducing usable surface area of the country...

Gov't seems hell bent on not acting appropriately against fossil fuels but instead continues to arm itself against the Public's rights and the Public's best interests.


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ALEC's Scary Plan for Elections

Right-wing oligarchs like the Koch Brothers don't just want to roll back a few regulations - they apparently want to repeal our democracy, too.

Republicans like to wrap themselves in slogans about liberty and freedom, but the truth is that deep down they hate our democracy - and now we have the proof.