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Tom Barrett-D Wisc will NOT allow Wages and Benefits go back to Pre-Walker levels.

Vote for Kathleen Falk, she will do more than just reinstate Collective Bargaining rights.

Mr Obama, Dogs are for petting, NOT for appetizers!

The left continues to push the story of the Romneys traveling on vacation with the dog in a crate on the roof of their car for fundraising. They made a special screen for it.

Why do the Biggest Corporations gets the biggest tax breaks,Apple,Google,Amazion,and More!!

Why is it that the biggest corporations get the Biggest tax breaks????

Lies from Mitt, Consider His Heritage

Mormons, since their founding, have considered lies a reasonable, honorable weapon against inferior non-Mormon "outsiders" or, as they say, "gentiles." In regards to lying, the ends justifying the means, I quote Jon Krakauer’s book, Under the Banner of Heaven. "Historian D.

Nobody 2012

Support The Only Candidate Ready to Serve and Unite America: Nobody
Nobody For President in 2012 is an echo from the past, a gift from the irrepressible Wavy Gravy, pioneer hippie, Saint Misbehavin' and Official Clown of the Grateful Dead.

Does anyone know anyone who surports the plan

Mr. President. Being that you like to call out names to those who agree with you on issues; who were the names of the people who were behind you supported your new tax on millionaires and billionaires. What do they do and where do they live? And besides Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, billionaires who support it; is their any others we know who agree to it too? Thats billionaires.

First Solar Cuts 30% (2000) Jobs, Closes Plants as Demand Slows

What percent of the loan guarantees will we get back on this one?

Can Obama Win Votes

DRCnet: Can Obama Win Votes
by Waging War on Medical Marijuana?
I Don't Think So.

Colorado: State Democrats
Officially Support Marijuana Regulation Initiative
NORML blog

The Buffet Rule

I appreciate your attempts to talk logic using facts to lunatics. Since the idea of tax breaks for the wealthy is based on job creation, Lets Truely have a person create a job using their income. For instance if you earn 1 milllion dollars from all sources in a year, Hire two people. Pay them $50K w/Benefits (health insurance, 401K...etc.) annually on a permanent basis.

Creating an Obama Scandal

Within the last 10 days or so there have been two would be scandals reported in the so called mainstreeam news. Firstly there was the episode with the secret service and their Columbian prostitute incident. Today there is the Hillary is a party girl hoopla. Are we so pristine in America that a woman can't have a drink and relax off duty? She is human afterall. Heck, with the tension and stress that goes with her job, Hillary deserves a moment to kick back and the tabloid who broke the story should be ashamed of this blatant scandal baiting.&nbsp

Obama’s Fracking Up our Water: 5,000 gallons per well of: Benzene (Carcinogen), Toluene (Central Nervous System Depressant) and Xylene (Neurotoxin).

Obama’s 6 Scary Extreme Energy Sources (aka "New Technologies") Being Tapped to Fuel the Post Peak Oil Economy.

From Alternet:

Think of this as taking fracking to the next level so that we can continue to speed along on our highway to hell -- peak oil, and the earth, be damned.

Liar Obama’s new Carbon Rule actually increases Climate Change with much worse methane!

From Alternet:

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Trump Doesn't Understand What Healthcare Is

Donald Trump has the power to force anywhere from 22 to 32 million American men, women, and children to lose their health insurance.

There's just one problem: he doesn't seem to understand what health insurance actually is.