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Occupy SF Commune occupies empty building

Here is the press release and some photos including from the preceding march. A real hacker made sure this message went through. 101 Market has been occupied for a month but now we have word that it is being shut down. Police are outside trying to make sure that people and supplies cannot come and go.

"Tonight Occupy SF, through the OccupySF Commune, has inhabited a vacant building onTurk St. for the purpose of creating a community center in the spirit of this building’s original intention–to create a center for health and healing.

We Once Gathered 20 Million Strong To Protect The Environment

“Every person has the inalienable right to a decent environment.”

--Gaylord Nelson, founder of Earth Day

Congress to consider Yosemite site for new "Los Angeles Lake"

Congress to consider Yosemite site for new "Los Angeles Lake"

" LOS ANGELES, April 1, 2012 - The Los Angeles Public Utilities Commission (LAPUC) has asked Congress for permission to dam the Merced River and flood scenic Yosemite Valley to form "Los Angeles Lake," a planned reservoir to supplement the water needs of the approximately 10 million residents of Los Angeles County. Full details of the proposal can be found at

( Please read the last two paragraphs before quoting any portion of this article )

Obama’s Sealaska Corp rears its ugly head this time to cut the People’s Tongass National Forest.

You may recall, Obama gave 60,000 acres of Pacific Old Growth virgin Northwest Rainforest to Sealaska Corp in order to get Sealaska’s underlying politicians to vote for Obama’s massive give-a-away to the Health Insurance industry.

Federal Reserves responsibility by law.

Was watching an “economic summit” live on CSPAN when one of the experts said, “if the Federal Reserve would have not ignored their mandate to promote full employment we would be in far better shape as a nation.”

Reply: A Day in the Life of A Dementia Sufferer

Dementia Blog: A Day in the Life of A Dementia Sufferer
Alzheimer's disease information - Alzheimer's symptoms, Alzheimer care, stages of Alzheimer's, treatment, medication, prevention, causes, diagnosis, and resources - at

my 2 cents... DdC



Things We Never get Paid to do

April 1

A Capital Idea Part 114: Things We Never get Paid to do


Every time I walk into a store and see the huge display of Waggin’ Train “Wholesome” Chicken Jerky, my heart lurches. To imagine so many loving pet owners as they pick up a bag of actual poison, read the seemingly innocent ingredients, plunk down their hard-earned money, take this home and happily feed them to their excited pup. Oh, it’s more than I can bear.

the true meaning of Capitalism

If you want to see the Republicans true meaning of Capitalism, then you should watch Survivor.

If you want to see Paul Ryan’s true meaning of capitalism, then watch Survivor.

If you want to see Conservatives true meaning of capitalism, then watch Survivor.

What is community?

I've lived alone for most of my life. Sometimes I'm blessed and ecstatic over the freedom I enjoy. Other times I wish I knew someone with flesh to help shape this dream and walk into it with me. I don't have the foggiest notion of what being part of a human community would feel like. I have a few friends and relatives that I see at least monthly. We don't get into deep conversations, which I really would love to do, but within a few words, you can tell where they're at and I kind of push the envelope.

Obama is to blame for the coming Meteorological Holocaust.

get ready

Don’t Ever go to Sleep! (Or Whatever Happened to My Vote?)

By Jerry Waxman

Trump Undoing Climate Protections - The Fate Of the Planet Is At Stake

Just as global warming appears to be reaching a dangerous new phase, Donald Trump has begun dismantling what little climate protections we do have.

He's calling it a win for workers.

But who's really going to come out on top?

West Virginia miners or the coal barons who've robbed their state blind?