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World Peace through Egalitarianism

World Peace through Egalitarianism

by Roger Copple

Surpose the Buffett Tax law....

Goes into effect. Where will that money we collect on the rich. Where will it go? Pay down the Debt or extra money to pay for other useless program? Surpose you collect $38 Billion from this new tax. What would you use it on? And why was he not behind the President today?

Rebranding Progressives

Re-Branding Progressives

Why Progressives Need To Abandon The Democratic Party

And Re-Frame the Class War In America

severn trent

Severn Trent until a few years ago owned all the water testing laboratories (at least the big ones) in the United States, the chain is now called TestAmerica. I don't know if it's still a part of Severn Trent.

In the UK they are a primary water service provider..

TestAmerica did all the Exxon Alaska oil spill samples in their Denver lab 20 years ago, and guess who Exxon sent the Horizon samples to from the Gulf spill? You got it.

They of course were not allowed to discuss any of the results.

the president


European infrastructure planning, that dis-invests from nuclear energy industry, because of environmental dangers, as Japan proved, and facilities only designed for 50 yr. 'warranty' speaks eloquently (wonderfully?), I think, against the ambitions of the Iranian regime, without resorting to arguments against an 'arms race' threatening the mid-east region.

Jeb Bush Stand Your Ground Law

Any future reference to the Stand Your Ground Law should be referred to as The Jeb Bush Stand Your Ground Law. He needs to have this hung around his neck to wear forever.

15 Things I'm not Giving Up

1. Give up your need to always be right.

NEW VIDEO: President Reagan Backs the Buffett Rule

all Buffett did was regurgitate what Regan said over 30 years ago. I wonder why Buffett has not done anything about his concerns>>>>>> Once again we get talk talk talk talk talk - NO ACTION. From ThinkProgress War Room:

Can someone answer my question?

So our President, mainly, has wasted our money on programs and upcoming federal government programs (I wouldn’t doubt we really don’t need some of them) is asking our millionaires and billionaires to pay what our President and his members to pay for their mistakes. So how will we know once we reach zero in debt they (The President and members of Congress) wont do it again?

Liar Obama unmercifully attacking whistleblowers and journalists.

Quote from article:

Immanuel Velikovsky must have been correct all along

Fukushima spent fuel rods -- tons of them -- still not secure and evidently if another quake comes along (and in this Pacific Rim volcano belt another is as predictable as the seasons) those fuel rods will be exposed and the result would be an Earth-contaminating event many times worse than Chernobyl or even the already Chernobyl-surpassing tsunami damage that was released at Fukushima last year!

AND YET there is no concerted effort by the international community to treat this AS THE EXISTING DISASTER AND POTENTIALLY WORSE DISASTER IT STILL CAN BECOME.

Travon Martin and Justice Dep't

I have devoured every article on Travon Martin and have yet to read about some media reports that have covered actions, or purported actions, asked of the Justice Department: Initially, when the fury of the case unfolded there was a one line report that the Sanford Police Department was "sending a delegation of two to the Justice Dep't"! This really got my attention, after having read author Joan Mellen's book "A Farewell to Justice: Jim Garrison, JFK's assassination etc." The author makes the case thatThe Justice Dep't, which includes the FBI, funneled any evidential&nbsp


(Offical Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

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ALEC's Scary Plan for Elections

Right-wing oligarchs like the Koch Brothers don't just want to roll back a few regulations - they apparently want to repeal our democracy, too.

Republicans like to wrap themselves in slogans about liberty and freedom, but the truth is that deep down they hate our democracy - and now we have the proof.