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Countdown and Keith Olbermann are again looking for a new home ... I hope they find one with a lower price for freedom

Keith Olbermann was sacked partly because the management of Current TV does not want people to call a spade a spade ... in other words, Keith has a history of giving the news as is, as it should be given, without sugar ... news served more often with a little spice. Mr. Gore and Mr. Hyatt are putting on a more gentle face on their networks talk shows ... less edgy (but also informative) shows such as Jennifer Granholm, Cenk Uygur, and the recent additions of Bill Press, Stephanie Miller, and Eliot Spitzer.

The "I want my tax dollars spent my way" argument

Thom addressed a conservative caller today who wanted people on welfare to be tested for drugs so that his tax dollars were not being spent on drugs. I realize this is a right-wing talking point that plays on a person's sense of fairness. Thom tried to explain to this caller that this would add bureaucracy and create bigger government. (This point is lost on the caller.) I have 2 questions for these callers:

1. Do you think there might be government initiatives that you favor that taxpayers on the other end of the spectrum would not support?


Mr. Romney may have some business acumen (refutable qualification for governmental office), but his understanding of the philosophical difference between Enlightenment rationalism (the scientific method) and so-called "secularism" is sadly lacking. It does not well behoove Mr. Romney to try disparaging what he obviously refuses to understand. The problem with his religious belief is not that he has any but that he fails to recognize there is no mutual exclusion between faith and science.

H RON HARTMAN - NOT his uncle!


my Bio pict.

Life long union worker ; after driving tractor trailor worked at ohare airport as teamster operating heavy equipment to clean runways and escort plane to terminals also transport airside tradesmen to work location ,recently became ambulance medic ; volunteer in 2010 for mid term elections again i will volunteer for 2012 elections ; former volunteer at animal shelter ; and current volunteer chaplain at a state prison /enjoy gym -stairmaster and weights ;dog and cat owner for a life time ;single (

RE: Voter Suppression (No one is saying this)

A letter to trusted political pundits.

RE: Voter Suppression

Lagarde and Geithner’s IMF subsidizes International Banksters, Oligarchs, and the 1% at the People's Expense.

Now Geithner and gang have Lagarde using fear. [“fear” has been shown to suspend reason in people and can get them to exhibit irrational behavior – Read Al Gore’s Book]. Geithner is an executive at the IMF.

O.J. Simpson Is A Murderer AND Mark Fuhrman Planted The Glove!

How ya like that?

See what I did?

I took in as many facts as I could and I came up with a rational conclusion. All by myself. See... no media bias, just putting the pieces together through common sense and logic.

You can do it too!

Try it sometime.

Spokane's Progressive Radio is gone

It was very disappointing when I attempted to tune into 1280 am to catch Thom Hartmann only to find another country station. Just like that, the voice of progressives have been silenced in Eastern Washington. I just drove over to Portland Oregon and there was only conservative talk across the entire state. Very sad. It feels like the Iron Curtain.


This show "The Big Picture" Leans heavy on Republicans are bad. Republicans and Demacrats are crooks to put it mild. This is a state run show and needs to be took off RT news. This Right vs Left is a distraction and been one for decades. They came outright and said republicans have mental issues. Fact, Both sides are dangerious to the USA. RT news was right on till this state run media showed up. To RT News, Please take this State run media off the air.. By the Way. Im not Republican or Demacrat. One is as bad as the other.

Dan Gainor on Pink Slime & the Media's "Crusade" - to inform consumers of the actual contents of what they're eating

I just got done listening to Thom's interview with Dan Gainor on "pink slime". I can draw no other conclusion other than that "free market" Dan has a real problem with people knowing what they're eating, and how it's processed. He's just pissed that that darned media had to go and tell people what's been mixed into their beef for the last 20 years!

Indiana Democratic chair, aides charged with voter fraud

According to the talk show disc jockeys this can't possibly happen. Think it will make Thom's show tomorrow?

Scientists worry about overpopulation

Here is a fine artical about the overpopulation crisis.

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ALEC's Scary Plan for Elections

Right-wing oligarchs like the Koch Brothers don't just want to roll back a few regulations - they apparently want to repeal our democracy, too.

Republicans like to wrap themselves in slogans about liberty and freedom, but the truth is that deep down they hate our democracy - and now we have the proof.