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Charter Schools

Hi Thom, I wanted to say that in New Mexico charter schools are public, and admission is by lottery. They do tend to get students who want a smaller school, or who wish to focus on a special subject, such as technology or the arts. So charter schools here are not private, and do not select based on academic ability. Love your program!!! Caitlin Thomas, Santa Fe, NM.

DISGUST: Obama’s support of the Euro is a blatant attack on Labor.

The following excerpt is from “Vultures’ Picnic” by Greg Palast, page 334. BUY THE BOOK AND READ IT:

Environmental Anxiety

After seeing the photo of bundled elephant tusks headed for China, my anxiety about what we humans are doing to our planet made me want to get in my not fuel efficient car and calm myself with a short road trip. I took the winding road up to the Morningside habitat with its lovely homes. I spotted a couple of Hummers. My mind's confused mixture of class envy, embarassment, and disgust chased me out of there and I drove a loop in the flat land. A small group of bison milled about pathetically in a farmer's muddy field. I headed home.

DEMOCRATS FAIL the 99% by not providing an ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW for Keystone Pipeline Construction.

Two words sum it up: “Hillary Clinton.”

WOW: Native Americans in S. Dakota blocking Keystone Pipeline trucks from Reservation told equipment had “corporate rights that supersede any other law.”

Shall we go to war again? - Michel Montecrossa's New-Topical-Song for Netanyahu Warmonger and Obama Nobel Peace Prize Winner

New video release by Michel Montecrossa: Shall we go to war again? - New-Topical-Song for Netanyahu Warmonger and Obama Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Atty. Gen. Holder's AssassinationSpeak to young Americans

Egad. Look at this speech by Eric Holder given at Northwestern University.

Rush should be off military bases! Mysoginist rantings cannot be allowed to represent Americans.

This was suggested this several days ago -- excellent insight! Rush suggests that many women want to have sex endlessly, and this certainly increases the likelihood that men believe that many women "really want it" (my interpretation of what Rush implied) and so are more likely to abuse them.

Why should U.S. Military bases around the world allow Rush to defame women, and blame them for sexual activity? Similarly, why should Rush be allowed to denigrate non-Americans, non-caucasions?

The Scientific legacy of the Fukushima nuclear accident as seen throught the BBC

If you have the time, here is an informative BBC science podcast discussing the Fukushima nuclear accident.

When they say it's not about the money, it sure is about the money.

H. L. Mencken said, "When they say it's not about the money, it's about the money!"

When Daryl Issa said his panel on contraceptives for women was not about birth control services, it sure was about contraceptives (and that's why the first panel of men looked so ridiculous).

When the Republicans say that their voter suppression techniques are not intended to reduce voter participation -- they are lying and clearly that's what it's all about. (Also look at the idiocy that has been Republican voting in Iowa, Maine, Michigan and elsewhere.)

Who Gets the Goodies?

A Capital Idea Part 110: Who Gets the Goodies?

The issue of fairness is at the root of attempts to reform the world economy. When I was an undergraduate, there was a sociology class at my college, Pitzer College, called Who Gets the Goodies? I always liked the name of that course, but I was not majoring in Sociology, and my studies took me in other directions at the time, so I never took that course, sadly. However, I think my subsequent studies and experiences have more than made up for that small hole in my early college education.

Fending Off Nature On The Rampage

The best tool for self protection comes to us from pig owners, I think. Start with a 3 x 3 piece of 3/8 plywood. Cut a handle slot about 1" in from any edge centered from the perpendicular edges,.( You're making this for your hand but others may need it as well so adjust your slot in size and placement). There it is, a very nearly instant pig shield. Also works on turkeys, geese, roosters, etc. 3x3 is obviously an estimate and less is lighter and more nimbley wielded but offers less coverage so adjust accordingly.

Set up a health insurance option for religious beliefs.

This issue of private health insurance offering birth control could be settled easily.


Over the years, of blogging, (I started my thinkingblue.blogspot in 2004, after Dubya Bush won a second term. His win, after PROVING he was the worst president the USA has ever had, threw me into a feeling that I was living in LA LA LAND and needed something to help me stay focused.

Abound Solar $400,000,000 million taxpayer dollar oops!

Cutting 280 jobs. Delaying building new plant untill the market gets better. Bring on Obama's $7.00/gal gas. Obamanomics will make it all better. What's $400 million anyway.

Trump Is Going Back On His NAFTA Promise

Donald Trump won't be pulling the US out of NAFTA - at least not immediately.

But he's still permanently changed the debate about trade in America.

Donald Trump said yesterday that after speaking with the President of Mexico and the Prime Minister of Canada, he's decided not to immediately pull the US out of NAFTA.