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H.R. 347

Passed house of reps. mon. nite 388 to 3; don,t know if it passed senate but if it does there will no body protesting almost NOwhere! Do people even know the stuff getting voted in. Read the bill, how can you protest when this bill makes it pretty much illegal.READ THE BILL ;YOU WILL BE ARRESTED !!!!!!!!! that means OWS;tea party;everybody & anybody.

Occupy SF coming out of hibernation

Statewide Day of Action to REFUND Education and Social Services!
Join us in saying:Tax the Rich! REFUND Education and Social Services! Free Students from Educational Debt! and Respect our Rights!!3-4pm CD at CA State Office Building (455 Golden Gate)4-6pm Permitted Rally at Civic Center Plaza with Speakers and MUSIC!!!
When: Thu Mar 1, 2012
Where: State Building / Civic Center Plaza (map)

posted on: February 28, 2012 1:46 pm crouskey


March 5 Buses to Sacramento Occupy the Capitol

Photos and videos from InsideOutOccupy Oakland

I offer a few images from the portrait project...creating commons in Oakland. Dispelling stereotypes. Helping Occupy change and grow.

The portrait statement from the attached image: "I am ex-military arymy National Guard 91st Bravo. I Occupy because I swore an oath to protect, support, and defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic"

The video link is a compostion of other portraits and their statements. The second link introduces the project.

didn't get website name out on show this morning!

Hey Thom

Thanks for taking the call this morning. I lost connection and didn't get the website name out for the Oakland Occupy project...PLEASE MENTION ON AIR IF POSSIBLE:

Also can be seen at:

Numbers to ponder after three years of Obamanomics

Blame the speculators all you want but remember everytime someone makes a bet that a commodity will rise there has to be someone else that is betting it will go down. Otherwise there is no trade.

New Time

I just heard Thom say the show was changing its time. I will continue to listen no matter the time, but I am sorry to hear this.

I listen to Stephanie in the morning, and then listen to Thom on either one of the west coast stations or through Thom's web site. I do this because I do not like to Listen to Ed Schultz.

I will now have to find something else to listen to between Stephanie and Thom's new time.

I hope the new time works out well for you, and like I said, I will listen to you live or the podcast on days that I can not listen live.

Economic Conspiracy Theories...

Chat room

Anyone having trouble signing into the chat room?

Once Upon A Time, Not So Long Ago, The USA Was A Republic

But Was Dismantled (one service at a time) And Became An Oligarchy

Going Anti-Postal

What kind of nation won’t fund a Post Office?

Is it just me? Today's GOP?

Using citizens United as the platform or the pot, stirred in ,one part Gingrich one part Santorum one part Romney. This equation or political stew, that is the GOP's plan for America. One hostile takeover artist, one lobbyist ,one self-anointed evangelist, all carnivores savagely devouring each other's integrity and their own futures at the same time. This is the Republican plan for the future, this is austerity,this is tax cuts and unrestrained debt.

Tibetans Peacefully Occupied a Private Park near Santa Cruz to Pray for Tibet Last Sunday. ( Pictures Attached ) I went to the "Land of the Medicine Buddha" in Santa Cruz this past Sunday with a van load of my Tibetan friends who were gathering to observe Monlam, a prayer festival that begins on the fourth day of the Tibetan New Year. My Tibetan friend, Ven.Thupten Donyo who is about 5 ft 2 inches short, asked me to help hang the prayer flags, because I was tall. I was excited to help.

Looks like they caught Jamie Dimon and Timmy Geitner with their hands in the Cookie Jar, over 5 trillion theft.

Very interesting report from the White Hat Report, seems to be well documented and supported by testimony from Lord James of Blackheath of the British House of Lords. This could bring down whole agencies and institutions if it proves true and anyone has the guts to investigate.    WhiteHats Feb. 27th report.

economics of the right to work for females

The right to work laws are certainly outrageous and we need to get rid of them. In doing so we need to close the wage gap that STILL exsists for women. The current differential of 'right to work wage' coupled with the wage gap for women greatly adds up. Consequently women are hit with greater economic loss - in almost all areas of our economy. So discrimination of the female is just a further matter of economic benefit for our employers.

Will Democrats Filibuster Neil Gorsuch?

After months of talking about "resistance", Senate Democrats finally appear to be putting their money where their mouth is.

After days of testimony, Senate Democrats have seen enough of Neil Gorsuch - enough to know that they're going to try to filibuster him.

Chuck Schumer made that very clear during a speech yesterday on the senate floor.