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Are we missing the point?

Are we missing the point with the revving up of the ultra right wing? It seems that the left is rather dismissive of the organizational power and longetivity of the ultra right wing and relegates the tea party to the wingnut corner. I think that dismissing the ultra right is a mistake. Even if they are crushed in the next election, shouldn’t we continue to be vi


Tag Line for: "I'm Proud to Be a Liberal."

We're the ones who don't beat our children.

Thom--Recently, I heard you reiterate to a caller the need to confront the wingnuts not head-on but sideways. This is sideways. Just end the conversation with it & walk away. Or, you might say, "Identify one liberal who beats his children & we'll talk." TJP

Any idea what's going to happen to Thom's show in Los Angeles once the time change happens?

In just a few years, Thom has become a staple in LA radio to anyone with a functioning heart, brain or soul. He has inherited the mantle of Michael Jackson (not the King of Pop, but one of the legends of Southern California talk radio). The decision of what will happen to Thom's show once it moves has no doubt already been made by his station here, KTLK, but does anyone know what that decision is??

(My fear is that, since Clear Channel owns KTLK and the Randi Rhodes show, we lose Thom here on the West Coast. Hope not.)

East Bay Locals should

check out Art Murmur tomorrow in Oakland

Some of the InsideOut/Occupy Oakland portraits are up in the venue area

the team was installing late into the night and during rain this week. Good stuff. /

college course dedicated to American vision 50-100years ahead and what should we be doing now or differently.

I am fascinated by your guests and topics that you are able to clarify in reference to how democracy in America is currently functioning and how it could be functioning if enough people take action locally to combat the oligarchy.

Youth are the key to changing a society. Has any University approached you in reference to enacting a course based on your shows uncovering of disturbing leadership and corporate dominance in America? Youth when informed can change the world. How can we arm them with facts and not just the fiction that they see in the news?

Meeting Thom

While this is not a blog post, I would dearly love to meet Thom. I consider Thom to be a brother. He educates, empowers, helps, and truly loves people, freedom and the American way. I have listened to Thom for 3 years now, live in Coos Bay, OR (former Portland resident for 9 years), and will be in DC this summer. I will be there for 7 days from the end of June until about July 6th. Any way of going about saying a quick "Hi" and giving him a hug? Thanks, Sam Aley

wonder about the next world

An article on how efficient the new light rail system is working out in Minnesota

One of the arguments for light rail is that it is supposed to have lower operating costs than buses.

More Geeky Science- Millions of Americans get OXYTOCIN fix without Airport groping.

When a HUMAN pets a dog their Oxytocin level goes up. When a DOG is petted THEIR Oxytocin level goes up. I dont know if this applies to Republicans or only Humans and Dogs!

Inspection- Once Again, America Shoots Itself in the Heart

Note: just before publication the news came out that Andrew Breitbart had died of "natural causes." (That young? Hmmm... there's some untold story there.) Now I could say something nasty and self serving, but it's tragic when someone dies young, especially when they have a wife and kids. So let's just say that when you read my comment about those who complain about "victimization," well now you know who one of the folks was I was thinking of when I typed that.

off the air in portland oregon

did you know you are off the air in portland oregon 620kpoj is broadcasting a beaver baseball game. I have called them and cannot get an answer when you will be on just that the management has decided to run beaver baseball. I have nothing against beaver baseball but this is not the venue. do you know if there is another local station carrying you or is this just another ploy to kill liberal talk radio?? I am very upset and will be contacting advertisers and other shows that were on this station to see if this is what they thought they were paying for. I

How the GOP Is Going After ObamaCare Now

With House Republicans reportedly putting the finishing touches on a compromise deal, the GOP healthcare plan is officially back from the dead.

But don't get your hopes up - the new Trumpcare is just as bad as the old Trumpcare.

In fact - it might even be worse.