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The Supreme Court Justices Constitutional Knowledge

Thom; I'm Jim; I just caught your TV Broadcast on RT 35-4 out of the Philadelphia Metro area. Although my memory is seriously fading I don't believe I disagreed with one thing you said.


Due to the recent and relentless assaults by conservative groups (predominately male) on women’s health issues, a new national policy was passed unanimously today by women’s groups across the nation, to be effective immediately. The new national policy comes as a response to the increasing, unreasonable and archaic legislative mandates put on women, including but not limited to the following:

--Ban on commonly used birth control methods.

--Defunding of family planning facilities for low-income individuals.


I'm sure that most military commands know full well that neither flushing a shard of the true cross into a sump pit nor pissing on a piece of the actual tablet of the Commandments of Moses would compare adequately to desecrating the "third testament" to which Muslims "cling" religiously (along with their guns) to connect themselves to the Abrahamic tradition; but, I fear that the intolerant animosity of warring ideologies promoted by the political right-wing produces worse danger to our common beliefs than even blind zealotry presents.

Obama on abortion

So the Repubs say that Obama voted for infanticide. The truth is he did vote against the bill in Illinois because there was already a law that addressed this on the books.

learn the history of THE MONEY CHANGERS

Ask Michael Pollok This...

How come Michael Pollok makes unilateral decisions concerning the 99 Percent Declaration with little or no regard for others who helped him build his little movement to this point? This group is not from Philadelphia. It wants to hold it's National General Assembly in Philadelphia. Michael Pollok is from Red Hook, New York. How come Michael Pollok is trying to secure secret book deals and documentary deals? ANSWER: The 99 Percent Declaration is about Michael Pollok.

Rosanne Barr will be the Next President. Remember, “We” Own the Voting Machines-

Now that “football’s” over and there’s nothing to do except sit by the pool and watch our “investment” checks roll in, let’s talk about phase V. It really doesn’t matter whether “your” President or one of the sicKons get “your” vote, it all works out the for “US”. Just look at the MDAA and who’s the AG, if “you’s people” think you really, really, really have any say…

Overregulation weighs down German economy

It appears the Germans do not have all the answers. Maybe LESS IS MORE.

TransCanada using eminent domain to seize Americans’ property and construct Keystone Pipeline anyway.


Attention: GOP/TP

Attention: GOP/TP

A question to those who are pro-choice.

Why are centers that perform both forms of abortions: Mid-term and Late-term do not want the woman to view an a ultra sound or wait one extra day to get services done? Do they feel the woman will not accept an abortion and they lose in on income?

Can We Trust Gorsuch On Women's Rights?

Yesterday Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer signaled that Senate Democrats would try to filibuster Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.