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Tom, Dick or Harry

By Jerry Waxman

Treyvon Martin America failed you.

My condolences are extended to the family and friends. And now I have to look inward at myself and those like me. This tragic death of what appeared to be a spotless victim, a young American looking forward to a dream. In my opinion this does not call for atonement, this is a call for change. This is a call for self-evaluation. Is this what we want for ourselves, more gun violence. It is the responsibility of the right wing fear mongers and proponents for deregulation of gun laws, to account for the laws they have created.

Taking Back Florida's Statehood

They can't count votes correctly, their laws apparently allow for sanctioned killings with no police investigation, and I am thinking that Florida acts more like a lawless territory than a State. Can't we give America's Banana Republic a time out? Possibly re-organize it in with Puerto Rico when they vote for Statehood in November? Then, at least we wouldn't have the expense of a new flag. Give the panhandle to the adjoining States and let San Juan administrate the lower half?

259,202 Youtube Hits So Far... March 23, 2012 (7:32am)

A Youtube Plea For Peace From an Isreali Father

Please share this, it's a video that should go viral. Go to youtube and comment, I did:

Ocean Conveyor Belt of Climate Regulation disappearing at MASSIVE rate.

Meanwhile Obama is in Cushing, Oklahoma praising the construction of the Keystone Pipeline! This at +11F!!

God help us All: Obama in Oklahoma extolling the virtues of more Keystone Pipeline when the earth is already faced with +11F.

We’ve probably already obliterated ourselves by plunging the globe into the Holocene-Anthrocene thermal maximum with such gusto that to even consider such a “game over” climate move like the Keystone Pipeline is pure, unadulterated suicide.

health care

Hello Everyone

Just joined to tell Tom I'm going to call him "Tom Oreilly" or "Bill Hartmann" from now on.

Nationalize the oil industry in the US

Has anyone thought of nationalizing the oil industry here in the US? I think it is a very good idea for several reasons. For one, we would get Wall Street out of our back pockets. Two, it would give us control of the amounts being drilled, refined, and distributed. Three, it would reduce foriegn dependence on oil. And it would enhance national security by reducing big moneys strangle hold on our government.


what to invite you to progressives united in Texas". on face book you see a familar face sir if you do lol.

Thom saying only whites can be racist because they have the power is racist in itself.

I have been listening to Thom Hartmann 3-5 times a week since he was on Air America and I am astounded by what he said today (3/22/12). I am NOT being paid by anyone to post this, nor do I ever listen to FOX. Thom said today racism is only racism if it discriminates and suppresses a race of people. Look at 400 years of slavery he said. Where are these slaves at today? How are blacks being tangibly suppressed in our society in a way that anyone else is not? Are there any laws that say black people don't have the same rights as anyone else?&

Boy on Fire

I first heard the story of the boy set on fire on Ed's show this a.m. It was all over the right wing websites a couple of weeks ago.

The story is that two black high school kids tried to immolate a 13 year old class mate in Kansas City. The attack was reported as being racially motivated. The police were looking for the perpatrators. (Luckily the victim was not horribly injured). See

Trayvon Martin in the News Media

Thom, you said Nancy Grace/ HLN hasn't mentioned anything about this case... I watch HLN every day starting with Vinnie Politan earlier in the day - following Jane Velez Mitchell, Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew - and this case was covered continuously a week before it came out in other news media programs, CNN, MSNBC, etc. as info.

Calling on YOU...

Dear Sanford,

WAR ON FAIRNESS (For Trayvon Martin)

This killing of a child by a grown man, IS NOT A BLACK AND WHITE ISSUE... THIS IS A 99% ISSUE. I wish I could have attended the hoodie march to demand fairness for Trayvon Martin... I am so angry that this murder was almost swept under the proverbial carpet.

In this day and age, some conservative white folk are still trying to take the law into their own hands, vigilantly style.

Trump Is Using Racist White People To Make The Rich Richer

There is this whole mythology that Donald Trump came to power because 53% of white women voted for him, because 66% of white working men who didn't have a college degree voted for him.

That may be, but those are not his constituents. Those are his suckers. Those are his rubes.