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economics of the right to work for females

The right to work laws are certainly outrageous and we need to get rid of them. In doing so we need to close the wage gap that STILL exsists for women. The current differential of 'right to work wage' coupled with the wage gap for women greatly adds up. Consequently women are hit with greater economic loss - in almost all areas of our economy. So discrimination of the female is just a further matter of economic benefit for our employers.



You are rarely rude when having a conservative as a guest but on Feb. 27th you were borderline pugnacious when interviewing the represenative from Americans for Prosperity and discussing the privatization of Social Security.

I am not in favor of said privatization but your guest did not have an opportunity to riposte to your objections. You are guilty of what you sometimes castigate your callers of doing, namely fiiibustering.


Greg Kramer


This guy is finished............after saying he wanted to throwup over Kennedy's remark about separation of Church and State my thought was that he is finished.....this guy is over the top - he makes remarks then back tracks after he gets some criticism - the Repubs are all bait and switch - what they say is not what you get when they get voted, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan - beware of wolves in sheeps clothing..........

Buffett: Banks Victimized by Evicted Homeowners

I thought he wanted to join the 99%'ers. If so, why did he invest $11 billion in Wells Fargo and $5 billion in Bank of America? Enough of the B.S. He is playing Obama like a cheap violin.

Does it actually make sense these days to hope for progressive change?

As a longtime fan of liberal thought, it has become both a comfort and a codependency hoping for America to return to New Deal ethics. Hope only has value when it has at least a possibility of success, and the more I look at history, psychology and the world today, the less likely it seems.

Burned Korans

The books our soldiers burned had already been desicrated because prisoners wrote in them. That's why they were being destroyed. We employed the wrong method to destroy them.

Social Security


If you want to raise the ceiling on Social Security "premiums" above the current limit, are you willing to have the government pay out an equally higher "benefit" to those higher payers when it comes time for them to retire?

Should the President lead by example?

President Obama wants the American People to have their vehicles run on bio-fuels and electricity

Why don’t he order all government own cars, suvs, motorcycles and trucks (The US Government owns the most) to run on them first!

Was He The Original 'Occupier?': A Look Back Offers Hope As We Await The Next Occupy Movement

How different are the times we live in from those of past generations? Are the challenges we face today of the 99 percent vs. the 1 percent or the overtaking of government rule by millionaires and billionaires that much different than other times in our nation’s history?

My favorite recent question from Thom: "Name one country, in the history of the world, that has successfully cut its way to prosperity."

"Name one country, in the history of the world, that has successfully cut its way to prosperity." (at 4 min, 32 seconds)

After a long pause, Peter Ferrara said, "I didn't come prepared with a history lesson today" and then he grew very, very agitated, began to scream (tough to describe it too differently from that) and found an obscure example from 1921 which Thom answered very easily.

Franklin Graham's views -- Let's consider the source.

Lawrence O'Donnell had a really great insight on Franklin Graham a week and a half ago, kicking off his segment with the statement, "This is all you have to know about Franklin Graham."

He then played an earlier interview he had recorded with Graham and suggested that Graham perhaps refrain from giving his views on the fitness of someone for president. Graham said that he was trying to be honest.

At that point O'Donnell asked, "Well, have you ever voted for a Democrat?"

And after a long, long pause, Graham said, "No."

Are We Going To Have A Shutdown?

The more things change - the more they stay the same.

Just under 100 days into the Trump era, our government is once again lurching towards shutdown, and it's all because Donald Trump wants American taxpayers - not Mexico - to pay for his precious border wall.