YES! - Just like in the game Monopoly, our public works should be sold to raise revenue.
NO! - Our commons are owned by taxpayers & should never be privatized.


padlake's picture
padlake 5 years 8 weeks ago

Grr - I misread the question, my vote should be for NO!

jazzyjoy's picture
jazzyjoy 5 years 8 weeks ago

When oil men invest in land because of the water, not the oill, you know thier plan

Rboisvert7's picture
Rboisvert7 5 years 8 weeks ago

I pulled this article off of ""


United StatesVictory in Felton, CA!

Community Slays Corporate Giant

The recent history of water privatization in the United States is scarred by underachievement and failure. During the 1990s, corporations, many of them multi-billion dollar conglomerates based overseas, persuaded communities throughout the nation to transfer control over their water systems to the private sector. The companies promised to solve the communities funding shortages and to address technical and organizational challenges. But the corporations, mainly European multinationals RWE, Suez and Veolia, have failed. Their disasters include maintenance problems in Atlanta, sewage spills in Milwaukee, corruption in New Orleans and political meddling in Lexington.

But, like the people of Felton, whose story we tell here, residents and leaders are standing up in cities and towns across the land and fighting the specter of water privatization. Indeed, the corporate water bubble is bursting.

However, citizens are not just pushing back against privatization. They also are pushing for the creation of a federal trust fund that would guarantee a reliable stream of money for the much-needed repair and rejuvenation of our drinking and waste water systems, which every community and every generation need and deserve."

jcacourt 5 years 8 weeks ago

Spouse worked for a small water district for ten years. Do I believe in privitization? Absolutely not. Customers will face severe price hikes from business big whigs, who will be certain they and their close friends have all the water they need, then damn the rest of us who need to pay to get water for ourselves.

SHFabian's picture
SHFabian 5 years 8 weeks ago

No, this is not the brightest generation that America has ever seen, and the middle class has spent years supporting policies that have been wiping out the middle class. Just tell them that greedy poor people are drinking up all of America's water, and they'll gladly agree to raising their taxes to keep the greedy poor away from middle class water.Today's middle class votes for those who redistribute tax dollars upward (several trillion dollars since Reagan) to the richest corporations, always "for job creation." Corps continue to use this money to build factories in foreign countries, exporting our jobs. In response, the middle class supports taking the last crumbs of humanitarian aid still allowed to our poor. After 30+ years of this, they still don't "get it." While over 50% of the budget today (far exceeding what any country on Earth spends) goes into the military, the next budget calls for slashing basic food aid for the elderly, poor and disabled, and we're all cool with that. Not that it'll have any impact on the budget or deficit -- it won't. No matter. We can handle the 50%+ of the budget that goes to the military. By comparison, AFDC, which used 6% of the fed. budget at its highest (1970s) caused post-Reagan Americans to howl in agony, insisting this was "bringing taxpayers to their knees." In short, America progressed from the Greatest Generation to the Gullible Generation. All they know is what they're told.

GypsyO53's picture
GypsyO53 5 years 8 weeks ago

Our water should be protected and it absolutely will not be if it is privatized!!!

browndog22's picture
browndog22 5 years 8 weeks ago

It's people who make up govt and who make up corporations
Both govt and corporations could be Good things
Unfortunately both institutions have become havens for the greedy and psychopathic versions of the human species
However " their numbers are few and they are stupid". ( Eisenhower ?? )
So why are THEY winning ??

Kenneth Ausebul of Bioneers used the term Cognitive dissonance to describe our current reality
While on one end of the spectrum we are rapidly deteriorating into the red zone ... We are also on the other end creating significant and smart workable solutions to our important issues
Thom says that we are standing atop several thresholds of which past civilizations because they could not SEE...... Went on to extinction

Who will win ?

Increasingly we see that they are not winning

arky12's picture
arky12 5 years 8 weeks ago

I don't recall the S. American country that suffered the privatization of their water, but they had a huge uprising until the government caved in a forced the private corp out and took back the country's water supply. People could not even use rain water collected in barrels.

Should this happen in the US, like what has happened already with the corporatization of our food supplies, they will use it to control the masses. Can restrict water, or refuse it to private farms to drive them out of business.

Craig Bush's picture
Craig Bush 5 years 8 weeks ago

Bush just bought the largest private owned water aquifer in the country. The oil people took all the money from our economy and now are attempting to buy our water rights. Are we going to have to buy our water at the pumps someday?

Here in CA it is a war between private and municipals over water. In Santa Cruz we are trying to defeat the chemical desalination water treatment plant form being built in our backyards. I ran for city council this election as a homeless teacher. I was disqualified to run. You should have seen the face on the city clerk when asked for my profile title. I wrote down homeless teacher. She didn't like that one. She asked, "what do you hope to gain"? I replied, "what do I got to lose"?

I know it was an illegal disqualification. I kept my receipt for my voter registration just in case. They say because there was a letter that was missing that the whole application was void? Time ran out? Homeless are being denied the right to vote and participate in the political process. This was my last pebble to throw into the pond. They took that away too. bushforsccouncil 99k org

you put in the dots if your interested in the global warming desal and the "tertiary solution" to our water problems. We must as a people declare that water is a basic human right and end private owned water districts and aquifers. Water is all of ours!

I want to thank Thom for my economic education and for giving us a voice.

PLSzymeczek's picture
PLSzymeczek 5 years 8 weeks ago

The water supply here in southeast Arizona is privatized (unless you own your own well), and has been ever since I've lived here. Trust me, it's not an answer to anything.

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