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On the Program - Dec 15th 2008

Quote: "Of all the frictional resistances, the one that most retards human movement is ignorance." - Nikola Tesla

Hour One - Lou Engle, Evangelist & founder of The Call Topic: Is the gay marriage debate really about religion or civil rights?

Hour Two - Carrie Lukas Topic: Do Obama's "green jobs" discriminate against women?

Hour Three - David Horowitz Topic: "What are the limits of hate speech and at what point do you criminalize it?"

Guest: Joseph Cirincione Topic: Change for America: A Progressive Blueprint for the 44th President (Mark Green's book)

Transcript: Ellen Hodgson Brown, 09 December 2008

Reinvent America's currency, banking system. Nationalize the Federal Reserve. America should print its own money instead of selling debt to the Fed which prints the money to pay for it, and then leverages it by a factor of 10.

Thom Hartmann interviews Ellen Brown, 09 December 2008

Thom on MSNBC Countdown with Keith Olbermann- - Dec 12th 2008

Alexander Hamilton


DECEMBER 5, 1791

Transcript: Senator Barbara Boxer, 09 December 2008

Thom and Senator Barbara Boxer discuss the economy, the need to rebuild infrastructure and switch to renewable energy. They also discussed the auto manufacturers bailout and the hypocrisy of those senators whose states have subsidized foreign auto manufacturers at a much higher rate than the American auto makers are asking for, yet are threatening to filibuster the bailout.

On the Program - Dec 11th 2008

Quote: Activism is my rent for living on this planet - Alice Walker

Hour One - Susan Powter Topic: Her new book "The Politics of Stupid: The Cure for Obesity"

Hour Two - Judge James "Jim" Gray Topic: Why our drug laws have failed and what we can do about it (also the name of his latest book)

Hour Three - Gene Stone Topic: The 12 Step Bush Recovery Program (A Lifesaving Guide to Shaking Off the Horrors of the Last Eight Years...)


Guest: Christy Harvey Topic: News Under the Radar

December 05 2008 show notes

Topics, guests, upcoming events, quotes, links to articles, audio clips, books & bumper music.

On the Program - Dec 10th 2008

Hour One - Dick Kay Host of "Dick Kay – Back on the Beat," Topic: Blagojevich…a betrayal of public trust if proven true

Hour Two - How is the public served by exposing political corruption?

Hour Three "Everything You Know is Wrong" Alex S. Key Topic: What Makes Us Tick

December 04 2008 show notes

Transcript: Creating a Middle Class rant, 04 December 2008

Thom explained that a middle class is necessary for a democracy, that a middle class is not a normal thing, and the ways one can be brought about.

On the Program - Dec 9th 2008


December 03 2008 show notes

Topics, guests, upcoming events, quotes, links to articles, audio clips, books & bumper music.

On the Program - Dec 8th 2008

Quote: "When we got into office, the thing that surprised me the most was that things were as bad as we'd been saying they were." - John F. Kennedy

Hour One - Dr. Yaron Brook

Transcript: Larry Beinhart, 03 December 2008

Larry Beinhart observes that looking at US data, top rate tax cuts lead to boom then bubble then crash, bank failures, and recession or depression.

Thom Hartmann interviews Larry Beinhart, 03 December 2008

December 02 2008 show notes

  • Show live from the "It's Time To Talk Day" radio row at Liz Claiborne Inc, Manhattan, to raise awareness for domestic violence.

  • Guest: Dr. Christian E. Weller of the Center for American Progress who says America's middle class is still losing ground.

On the Program - Dec 5th 2008

Anything Goes! Friday

Hour One - "Brunch With Bernie" Senator Bernie Sanders

Hour Two - Lamar Waldron Co-author w/Thom of "Ultimate Sacrifice" and now, "Legacy of Secrecy"

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