August 2008

  • On the Program - Aug 18th 2008

    Quote: Voting is one of the few things where boycotting in protest clearly makes the problem worse rather than better - Jane Auer

    Hour One – Politics 101 – McCain vs.Obama

    Hour Two - Michelle Bernard Topic: Thom and Michelle debate - Isn't there a connection between saving the planet and saving starving children?

    Hour Three - Alan Weisman Topic: His book "The World Without Us"…what would it be like?

    Guest: Labor Segment" Stewart Acuff Topic: Wal-Mart Alert

  • August 12 2008 show notes

    • Guest: George Landrith, President, Frontiers of Freedom. The impact of Big Oil Profits.

    • Guest: Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America. Should students be allowed to carry guns on college campuses?

    • Georgia, Russia, oil, ginning up a cold war for McCain.

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  • on the Program - Aug 15th 2008

    Hour One "Brunch With Bernie" Senator Bernie Sanders

  • On the Program - Aug 14th 2008

    Crazy Alert!! The Thom Hartmann Program demands additionsbe made to the endangered species list! (Bigfoot, the Chupacabra, and theAbominable Snowman)

    Hour One - Kristan Hawkins www.studentsforlife.orgTopic: Thom and Kristan debate "Does the new Planned Parenthood adtargeting teens about oral sex cross the line?"

    Hour Two - Les Bernal www.stoppredatorygambling.orgTopic: Thom and Les debate "Should gambling (of any kind) be legal?"

    Guest: "Taking Our Country Back" Debbie Cook
    www.debbiecookforcongress.comTopic: Running for Congress in California's 46th District against incumbant Republican Dana Rohrbacher

    Hour Three - Economic meltdown

    Guest: Christy Topic: News Under the Radar

    Thom'sTravel & Events Coming Up…

    SOLD OUT! August 16- Seattle, WA - KPTK 1090AM - Looking Forward/MovingForward/What Now - Round-table Forum 6:30PM-7:30PM Seattle CenterExhibition Hall

    Thom will be on Radio Row at both theDemocratic and Republican Conventions:
    August 26th 6pm - Denver, CO
    -Thom is giving a talk and signing books -Border's Books in Lone Tree Colorado in the Park Meadows Mall. 8557 ParkMeadows Center Dr. Lone Tree, CO 80124 303.708.1735 (AM 760, Colorado'sProgressive Talk

    September 2 - AM950 TheVoice of Minnesota- Invites You to The Party forChange Join: Bill Press, Stephanie Miller, JimWard, Chris Lavoie, Ed Schultz,Thom Hartmann, and Jon Elliott, Book signings: Thom Hartmann and Bill Press,5:30 pm doors open. Party till 9:30 pm, Where: Black Bear Crossing on theLake, located in the Historic Como Lakeside Pavilion, 1360North LexingtonParkway,St. Paul, Minnesota $10 purchase tickets at door only.

  • August 11 2008 show notes

    • Are we heading into World War III? How is it that a decision made by FDR and followed by most presidents since may be leading directly to the situation in Georgia? Rant. Transcript.

    • Guest: Dr. David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, former Louisiana State Representative, former candidate in presidential primaries. His calling Obama "a visual aid for white Americans".

    • Guest: Donna Wiesner Keene, Independent Women's Forum. Tax reform...McCain vs. Obama...who's plan is better for working families?

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  • On the Program - Aug 13th 2008

    Wonkette - was Bush falling down drunk at the Olympics?

  • On the Program - Aug 12th 2008


  • August 08 2008 show notes

    Topics, guests, upcoming events, quotes, links to articles, audio clips, books & bumper music.

  • Transcript: Georgia and Oil rant, 11 August 2008

    Thom fits recent events in Georgia into a historical context and into the competition for oil.

    Thom Hartmann's Georgia and Oil rant, 11 August 2008

  • On the Program - Aug 11th 2008

    Quotefor the Day:To live anywhere in the world today and be against equality because of race orcolor is like living in Alaska and being against snow - William Faulkner

    Hour One - Dr. David Duke Topic: Thom challenges David Duke – who claims "Obama is a visual aid for White Americans who just don't get it yet thatwe have lost control of our country, and unless we get it back we are headingfor complete annihilation as a people."

    Hour Two - Donna Wiesner Keene www.iwf.orgTopic: Thom and Donna debate Tax reform...McCain vs. Obama...who's plan is better for working families?

    Hour Three - Has WWIII already begun? Did it start with our attack on Iraq?

    Thom'sTravel & Events Coming Up…

    August 16
    -Seattle, WA - AM 1090 Progressive Talk (KPTK) - Looking Forward/Moving Forward/WhatNow - Roundtable Forum 6:30pm - 7:30pm Seattle Center Exhibition Hall (w/fellowradio hosts Stephanie Miller, Rachel Maddow, Randi Rhodes, MIke Malloy, RonReagan and Sam Seder.)

    Thom will be on Radio Row at bothconventions:

    August 26th 6pm - Denver, CO -Thom isgiving a talk and signing books - Border’s Books in Lone Tree Colorado inthe Park Meadows Mall. 8557 Park Meadows Center Dr. Lone Tree, CO 80124303.708.1735

    And, at the Republican Convention inMinneapolis...with our affililate AM 950 KTNF (The Voice of Minnesota)who'll be hosting "The Party for Change" featuring Bill Press,Stephanie Miller, Jim Ward, Chris Lavoie, Ed Schultz, Jon Elliott and yourstruly…Tuesday, September 2nd at 5:30pm at Black Bear Crossing on the Lakein the Historic Como Lakeside Pavilion-1360 North Lexington Parkway in St.Paul…tickets are $10 and available at the door only.

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