December 2008

  • Transcript: Ellen Brown, 29 October 2008

    Ellen Brown, an attorney and author of "Web of Debt", describes the activities of the president's plunge protection team and recommends federalizing the Fed.

    Thom Hartmann interviews Ellen Brown, 29 October 2008

  • Three Cups of Tea for Rick Warren

    Three Cups of Tea for Rick Warren
    By Thom Hartmann

    Rick Warren is providing the invocation for the presidential inauguration. As a pastor whose books have been read by tens of millions of Americans and whose voice is respected by an equal or larger number, he has tremendous influence and power. And as an open homophobe who aggressively works to wound gay people in this country (as well as pretty much anybody else who doesn’t believe with his own particular and peculiar recently-invented version of Christian theology) he should be the guy with the bull’s-eye on his back for the progressive movement.

    But consider that metaphor for a moment. In Pakistan there are entire regions filled with people who not only hate gays but hate Americans as well, regardless of religion. We've tried bombing them (as the Soviets did, and the British before them). Three consecutive Western empires have tried threatening them, starving them, poisoning them, infiltrating them, and overpowering them - all without success.

  • On the Program - Dec 18th 2008

    Quote: Democracy is based upon the conviction that there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people. — Harry Emerson Fosdick

    Hour One – Three Cups of Tea for Rick Warren?

    Guest: Robert Greenwald Topic: new film "Twas the Midnight Before Regulations"

    Hour Two - Dr. Lewis Mehlmadrona Topic: What can be done about the holiday blues?

    Professor Peter Edelman (for the book) Topic: Change for America: A Progressive Blueprint for the 44th Presiden (edited by Mark Green and Michele Jolin) Professor Edelman's chapter (co-authored by Angela Glover Blackwell) is on page 99 in the Economic Policy section, entitled "Economic Opportunity for All or A New Gilded Age?"

    Hour Three - Gene Stone Topic: The 12 Step Bush Recovery Program (A Lifesaving Guide to Shaking Off the Horrors of the Last Eight Years...)

    Guest: Christy Harvey Topic: News Under the Radar

  • December 15 2008 show notes

    • Show live from snowy WTKG, Grand Rapids, MI.

    • Guest: Lou Engle, Evangelist & founder of The Call. Is the gay marriage debate really about religion or civil rights?


    The bloviators say that Caroline Kennedy doesn't have enough "experience" in the political world to be a US Senator. "She's not tested," they say. "We don't know her positions."

    What they're really saying is that she's not an insider, not part of the old-boy network, and thus not predictable.

    Predictability is the key of get-along/go-along politics. Politicians are terrified of anything that may present a risk to them.

  • Alexander Hamilton

    Alexander Hamilton, in 1791, proposed to the United States our first true industrial policy. We adopted it over the next few years, Abraham Lincoln reaffirmed it fourscore years later, and it was again affirmed by every President of the United States until Reagan began his now-28-year “Reagan Revolution” which has disassembled America’s industrial base and impoverished our nation. For over 200 years, Hamilton’s policy made America the most powerful industrial nation in the world; now – after just 28 years of Reagonomics and Clinton/Rubinomics – we are the largest importer of other people’s industry, and the most indebted nation in the world.

    The entirety of Hamilton’s paper is easily found on the web. The first third of it deals with Jefferson’s objections to it (which Jefferson withdrew later in his life), as Jefferson favored America being an agricultural rather than an industrial power in 1791. Once you cut past that, though, Hamilton gets right to the rationale for, and the details of, his 11-point plan to turn America into an industrial power and build a strong manufacturing-based middle class. Ironically, his policies are exactly – EXACTLY – what Japan, South Korea, and China are doing today. And what we have ceased to do.

    Hamilton had it right. We must reject Reagon/Bush/Clinton/Bush-onomics and return to what the Founders knew worked. Here are selected excerpts from Hamilton’s 1791 Report on Manufactures to Congress:

    First, Hamilton points out that real wealth doesn’t exist until somebody makes something. A “service economy” is an oxymoron – if I wash your car in exchange for your mowing my lawn, money is moving around, it’s a service economy, but no real and lasting wealth is created. Only through manufacturing, when $5 worth of iron ore is converted into a $2000 car door, or $1 worth of raw wool is converted into a $1000 Calvin Klein suit, is real wealth created. He also notes that people being paid for creating wealth (manufacturing) creates wages, which are the principal engine of demand, which drives an economy. And both come from a foreign trade policy.

  • On the Program - Dec 17th 2008

    Quote: My country is the world, and to do good is my religion. — Thomas Paine, The Rights of Man, 1792

    Hour One - Marc Morano Topic: Should victims of global warming be able to sue "Big Oil?

    Hour Two - Dinish D'Souza Topic: Can we have morality without God? (debated by Dinesh and Pete Singer recently)

    Hour Three - "Everything You Know is Wrong" Scott Brunton Topic: "Monthly Doos" and the house that poop built

  • Transcript: Thom on 'Countdown with Keith Olbermann', 12 December 2008

    Thom argues that the GOP opposed the auto bailout in order to bust the unions.

    Thom Hartmann on 'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' with guest host David Shuster, 12 December 2008

    [David Shuster]: If the GOP is seen as trying to kill or cripple G.M. and Chrysler in order to punish hundreds of thousands of American workers for supporting Democrats, today's news could represent a sea change, not just for the economy, but for American politics.

    Joining us now to weigh in is Air America Radio's Thom Hartmann.

    And, Thom, thanks for your time tonight.

  • On the Program - Dec 16th 2008

    Quote: "Man's mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

    Hour One - Peter Brimelowe Topic: The so called "War on Christmas" and the immigration connection

    Hour Two - Meg James Topic: Why is the tv industry dumbing down Americans with more "less scripted" shows in lieu of quality dramas?

    Hour Three - Peter Barnes Co-author of "Climate Solutions: A Citizen's Guide" Topic: Fixing the economy and healing the President-elect Obama can do both

    Guest: Cynthia G. Brown Topic: Change for America: A Progressive Blueprint for the 44th President (edited by Mark Green and Michele Jolin) Ms. Brown's chapter is called "Teaching All Our Children Well" and can be found on page 235 in the Domestic Policy section.

  • Transcript: Vincent Bugliosi, 28 May 2008

    Thom Hartmann interviews Vincent Bugliosi on his book,

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