August 2009

  • August 5 2009 show notes

  • Carl Wolfson & Christine Alexander of KPOJ Portland guest host, as Thom is traveling.
  • Upcoming Events: Thom's book tour for "Threshold":

    Aug 5th - Santa Monica, CA - Santa Monica Library.

    Aug 17th - Minneapolis, MN

    Aug 19th - Chicago, IL

  • August 4 2009 show notes

  • Happy birthday to President Barack Obama.
  • Article: "Remember the last time Republicans sent Angry Mobs to Disrupt Something? by rni_mccoy.
  • Book: "The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better" by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett.
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    Science Revolution

    Why Are the Authoritarians Harming and Killing More People in the Pandemic?

    On this weeks Science Revolution - How do we stop authoritarians, like Trump and Bolsonaro from killing more people in our pandemic? Trump and Bolsonaro, presidents of the United States and Brazil, are essentially refusing to do anything consequential about an epidemic that is killing massive numbers of their own countries’ citizens. Plus- Bill Freese with the Science Policy Analyst-Center for Food Safety, is here on the newly finalized federal regulations on GMOs. Beyond Nuclear's Paul Gunter also drops by on how America is unprepared for a nuclear accident during this pandemic. Tune in!

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    Trump Has Only Had One Job In His Entire Life: Celebrity. Will It Work For Him in November?

    Thom plus logo With one simple understanding, everything about Trump's life and presidency comes into focus.

    Why would it be that Trump refuses to do his job, including reading intelligence reports? Why would Trump revel in lies and outrageous statements? Why would he retweet a game show hosts conspiracy theories about the coronavirus while trashing his own scientists? Why is Trump, every day, waking up and asking how he can capture the news cycle regardless of its impact on public health or democracy?