November 2009

  • October 29 2009 show notes

  • October 28 2009 show notes

    • Guests:
    • Topics:
      • Is Joe Lieberman A Traitor To The Democratic Party And The Average American or merely a shill for big pharma and big banking?
      • Best of the rest of the news
      • Will the Republicans take their party back before the right wing extremists destroy America?
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  • Friday November 6th 2009

    townhall images

    "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years" -- Abraham Lincoln

    Hour One -  "Brunch With Bernie" Senator Bernie Sanders

  • Wednesday November 4 2009

    rorschach imagesHour One: Is Barack Obama still the nation's rorschach test?

  • Tuesday November 3 2009

    middle east imagesHour One: Teabagger wars and inequality - coming to a town near you?

    Hour Two: "Could GMOs end all life on earth?!"  Thom mixes it up with Reason Magazine's Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey

  • Monday November 2 2009

    global warming imagesHour Two: "Climate Cover Up" Thom gets the explosive story from James Hoggan about the crusade to deny global warming Read more

  • October 27 2009 show notes

    • Guests:
      • Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi
      • Supernatural investigator/author Jeff Belanger.
      • Stewart Brand, author, editor, and creator of The Whole Earth Catalog and CoEvolution Quarterly...his latest book is "Whole Earth Discipline: An Ecopragmatist Manifesto".
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