November 2019

  • Did Kushner Okay the Abduction of Khashoggi?

    Thom plus logo Reporters for the Spectator are reporting that the House Intelligence Committee has seven different whistleblowers.
  • Friday 1 November '19 show notes

    • Trump Flees to his Bankruptcy Proof FL Home - Is he Broke? Is this Why the DC Hotel Is Up for Sale?
    • Is Warren's "Medicare For All" the Biggest Tax Cut Ever?
    • GOP Tax Scam 2.0... Is It Another Voter & Koch Bribe?
    • Anything Goes Friday
    • The Corporate Coup d'Etat Movie...
  • Thursday 31 October '19 show notes

    • The Impeachment is ON...
    • Once A Mobster...Always A Mobster
    • YUGE Issue of Corporate Debt - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Democracy At Work/Capitalism's Crisis Deepens Essays on the Global Economic Meltdown / Understanding Marxism
    • Here's What Being a Witch REALLY Means - Pamela "Pam" Grossman - Writer, curator, and teacher of magical practice & history / Host - The Witch Wave podcast & Author, latest - Waking the Witch: Reflections on Women, Magic, and Power

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Hello All

Today, we are closing Thom's blog in this space and moving to a new home.

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