May 2020

  • Tuesday 5 May '20 show notes

    • Is This How Democracy Dies...?
    • The Coronavirus Depression...Will it Be Inflation OR Deflation?
    • U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Goes Rogue...Announces It Will Proceed With Licensing of Proposed High-Level Radioactive Waste Dump in New Mexico Despite Illegal License Term - Kevin Kamps, Radioactive Waste Specialist - Beyond Nuclear
  • Is This How Democracy Dies?

    Thom plus logo Donald Trump says that if he can't cut the flow of money into the Social Security trust fund, he will not sign any more stimulus packages to help out struggling Americans. He calls it a "payroll tax cut" but it's really a full-blown attack on Social Security itself.
  • Monday 4 May '20 show notes

    • Which president has done more harm & damage to America...George W. Bush or Donald Trump?
    • Issues of the Day - Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA, 17th District)
    • While Millions Are Stripped of Healthcare...19 House Dems Unveil an Emergency Bill to Help - Alex Lawson, Executive Director - Social Security Works
  • Which president has done more harm and damage to America, George W. Bush or Donald Trump?

    Thom plus logo With a new NPR documentary about George W. Bush and a recent video clip from the former president calling for national unity, it appears there's a full-court press on to try to clean up his legacy.
  • Friday 1 May '20 show notes

    • If Bannon is Right and China Has Committed Pre-Meditated Murder, Then Aren't DeSantis & Abbott Doing the Same Thing By Opening Their States Too Early???
    • 7 Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Meat or Eat Less Meat During This Pandemic...
    • Cleaner Air During the Pandemic Proves the Benefits of a De-Carbonized Society...
    • How Will Trump Hide the Truth By Pardoning & Bringing Back Into the Fold - Michael Flynn?

  • Thursday 30 April '20 show notes

    • How Trump Wasted the Best Tool He Had to Fight the Coronavirus Pandemic - Richard Clarke, National Security & Crisis Management expert / former Chief Counter Terrorism Advisor-National Security Council (Clinton Admin) & the person Pres. Clinton tasked with building the stockpile / Author of 9 books including his latest, The Fifth Domain
    • Will Trump Get Away With Killing More Americans Than Have Died In All Our Wars Since the End of WWII?
    • Why is the Dow Going Up As We Are Plunging Into A Great Depression...? - Economist Dr.

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