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May 05 2009 show notes

May 04 2009 show notes

  • Thom will be off Wednesday through Friday for his mother's funeral. Peter B. Collins will be guest hosting Wednesday and Friday, and Carl Wolfson and Christine Alexander, Thom’s co-hosts at KPOJ, on Thursday.
  • April 30 2009 show notes

    Thursday 30 April '09 show

    • The president's press conference last night, he spoke in complete sentences, answered questions except for the one about prosecuting Bush. It was a breath of fresh air, he likes his job.

    April 29 2009 show notes

    Wednesday 29 April '09 show

    April 28 2009 show notes

    Tuesday 28 April '09 show

    April 27 2009 show notes

    Monday 27 April '09 show

    April 24 2009 show notes

    Friday 24 April '09 show

    April 23 2009 show notes

    Thursday 23 April '09 show

    • The FBI may well be the smoking gun in a positive sense in whole torture mess. The legislative branch have no police apart from within the Capitol, the executive branch executes laws, judiciary. In the executive branch headed by the president there are different divisions, e.g. DoD, domestic intelligence, police. The DoD was getting orders from senior officials about torture.

    April 22 2009 show notes

    Wednesday 22 April '09 show

    • Happy Earth Day.
    • Quote for the day: "Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect." - Chief Seattle, 1855.
    • Article: Of Black Holes and Radio Silence, Elizabeth de la Vega.

    April 21 2009 show notes

    Tuesday 21 April '09 show

    April 16 2009 show notes

    Thursday 16 April '09 show

    • Clip:
      "It's a bloodthirsty religion that's practiced over there by a bunch of throwbacks, and we're to kill 'em." Michael Savage.

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