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May 21 2009 - Thursday

cheney-imagesTopic: "Dick Cheney won?!" Thom mixes it up with Reagan biographer Craig Shirley, President of Shirley & Bannister Public Affairs

Topic: "News Under the Radar" Christy Harvey of the Center for American Progress visits with Thom

Topic: "Geeky Science Rocks" our weekly update from the world of science

May 20th 2009 - Wednesday

internet-gambling-imagesTopic: Are we on the brink of a worse depression or a new revival of the economy?

Topic: "Roll the dice...legalize internet gambling?" Thom confronts Eli Lehrer of the Comepetitive Enterprise Institute

May 19th 2009 - Tuesday


death-penalty-imagesHour 1: "Should the death penalty be abolished?" Thom confronts Dudley Sharp, Founder of Justice Matters

May 18th 2009 - Monday

Hour 1 - The Crusades? 

preg-imagesHour 2: "Pregnant?  You're fired?!" Thom mixes it up with Carrie Lukas of the Independent Women's Forum 

Arlen Specter Checked A Card

card-check-truth-imagesThe irony was hard to miss. Senator Arlen Specter, checking a card changing his party affiliation from Republican to Democratic, saying that he won't support the right of working people to check a card to change from unaffiliated to affiliated with a union.

May 15th 2009 Friday

Topic: "Brunch With Bernie" Senator Bernie Sandersunder-the-radar-1images (I-VT) joins Thom for his weekly nationwide townhall meeting

Topic Gov. Don Siegelman here is here - 20 years in prison?

Today on the air: "Geeky Science Rocks" our weekly update from the world of science

May 14th 2009 Thursday

geeky-imagesHour One: Has Dick Cheney won?

Hour Two: Should the photos be released or not?

Hour Three: "Torture...prosecute or pardon?" Thom speaks with constitutional law expert, Bruce Fein, an associate deputy attorney general under Reagan

May 13th 2009 Wednesday

love-life-imagesHour 1: "Do Corporate Tax cheats...'help' our economy?!" Thom challenges Dan Gainor of the Business and Media Institute

Hour 2: Taliban waterboarding US Military prisoners? Says...waterboarding is not torture? Is GPS tracking without warrants OK?

May 12th 2009 Tuesday

same-sex-imagesTopic: "Same-sex marriage will crush traditional marriage" Thom confronts Dr. Michael Brown of the Coalition of Conscience

Topic: "Pension Privateers: Who Ran Away With Your 401K?" Thom talks with investigative journalist/author David Cay Johnston

May 11th 2009 - Monday


healthcare-for-all-images1Topic: "Health insurance regulation...death to free market capitalism?" Thom mixes it up with Dr. Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute 

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