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The Conservative Attempt to Re-Write Our Progressive History

Oklahoma isn’t the only state where Republicans are waging war on high school history class.

It's time to make Postal Banking a reality!

Millions of Americans are being ripped off by payday lenders and check cashing stores, and the United States Postal Service could put a stop to it. Mark Dimondstein, the president of the American Postal Workers Union, says that offering basic banking services at post offices is a win-win for the public and postal workers.

What Happens When Big Business Takes Over Government

What happens when an industry sets out to take over a government? Just ask the good citizens of Canada.

This past weekend, a train carrying an unknown amount of crude oil derailed in northern Ontario, Canada, spilling oil and causing a large fire. Twenty-nine of the train’s 100 cars derailed and at least 7 caught on fire.

What world do Conservatives live in?

You need to know this…. Conservatives live in a fantasy world, and nowhere is that more clear right now than in Washington State.

Right now, the Evergreen State is trying to streamline its policies on medical and recreational marijuana. Back in 2012, Washington State voters approved the creation of a legal recreational-marijuana market. That market is now heavily regulated and taxed.

Threat of deadly pathogens on the rise with global warming...

Climate change is quickly becoming an infectious disease’s best friend.

Yesterday, after six long months, students in Liberia returned to their classrooms. Schools across Liberia had been shut down since the height of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. But, while schools may be reopened, they are taking plenty of precautions.

The Big Difference between the European and American Right

If you were to ask most Americans what the word “conservative” stands for, they’d probably tell you that it stands for someone who believes in small government.

When comes to the U.S., that definition of conservative is actually spot on.

Too Big to Exist.

The too-big-to-jail banks may have gotten away with even more crimes than we thought. According to new details exposed in the so-called “biggest banking leak in history,” HSBC helped their clients shield billions of dollars in assets from taxes in their home countries.

Meet Saudi Arabia's New Frankenstein...

Let me remind you about the story of Frankenstein.

In the Mary Shelley classic, mad alchemist Dr. Victor Frankenstein spends months creating this creature out of old body parts. Then, one night, Frankenstein brings his creation to life, only to be absolutely horrified at the sight of the monster he has created.

It's Time to Wake People Up From Their Death Cults

Today, President Obama sent to Congress the White House’s plan for authorizing the fight against ISIS. The President’s proposal limits to three years the now-six-month-long campaign in Iraq and Syria, but it perpetuates the idea that war is the answer in the fight against terrorism. And that’s a big mistake.

Leaked files reveal new bankster scam

When are we going to lock up the banksters?

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