September 2013

  • Friday 28 June '13 show notes

    • Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT): "Brunch With Bernie"
    • Anything Goes on Townhall Friday!
  • Thursday 27 June '13 show notes

    • What the Reagan Revolution has brought us...
    • Andre Butler, banquet server / part of camp-out at the PA Capitol in support of expanded Medicaid coverage: Camping out for Coverage
    • Scottie Nell Hughes, Tea Party News Network: Who pays the price for sick employees?
    • Debbie Hines, Trial lawyer, former prosecutor and legal/political commentator: Zimmerman trial coverage
    • Geeky Science - How the Ocean 'Breathes'
    • Shane Farnan and Danielle Guilday of the Thom Hartmann Program guest host for the last 10 minutes.
  • Wednesday 26 June '13 show notes

    • Yetta Kurland, Esq.-Kurland & Associates: SCOTUS & marriage equality...what you need to know
    • Will DOMA be the beginning of the new civil war?
    • Shane Farnan, Talk Radio News Service: Today's Supreme Court decisions
    • Brian McNicoll, Competitive Enterprise Institute: Hartmann vs. McNicoll..."big oil should pay for their own damn waste!"
    • Issa - "fool me once..."
  • Tuesday 25 June '13 show notes

    • Joe Madison, The Joe Madison Show: Were Voting Rights Just Sent to the Back of the Bus?
    • Shane Farnan, Talk Radio News: SCOTUS court decisions today
    • Mike Papantonio, Attorney / Host-Ring of Fire Radio: Did Obama just Approve the Keystone Pipeline? Did he also ask for the end of Oil Subsidies?
    • Can Congress PLEASE regulate the Supreme Court
  • Monday 24 June '13 show notes

    • What is loyalty?
    • Dr. Richard Wolff, Democracy at Work: What happens when the Fed stops stimulating the economy?
    • Debbie Hines, Legal Speaks: Zimmerman trial coverage
  • Friday 21 June '13 show notes

    • Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT): "Brunch With Bernie"
    • Anything Goes on Townhall Friday!
  • Thursday 20 June '13 show notes

    • Wow! MD Goes Holistic - Replaces the GDP w/the GDI
    • Carbon Tax or Kiss the World Goodbye...for Humans
    • Geeky Science - why are the birds so angry?
    • Mark Weisbrot, Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR): Is China about to fall economically?
    • Lamar Waldron, Watergate: The Hidden History: The legacy of Watergate
  • Wednesday 19 June '13 show notes

    • Austin Petersen, Freedomworks: The "Big Lie" about America's middle class
    • Are non-violent protestors now labeled "terrorists?"
    • Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear: Fukushima...strontium-90 now in groundwater
  • Tuesday 18 June '13 show notes

    • Has "Big Business" become "Big Brother?"
    • Brian Tracy, Brian Tracy International: How is government interfering with entrepreneurs?
    • Checks, Lies and Bankster Red Tape...
  • Monday 17 June '13 show notes

    • James Bamford, The Shadow Factory: NSA privacy a thing of the past?
    • John Dean, Author, Columnist ( and former Nixon White House Counsel: Edward Snowden and the legacy of Watergate
    • Jamie Weinstein, The Daily Caller: NSA...nothing to hide, nothing to fear?
    • Shane Farnan, Talk Radio News Service: SCOTUS by the numbers...what you need to know about today's decisions

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