January 2020

  • Thursday 16 January '20 show notes

    • What does conservative mean?
    • Are We At "Peak" Citizen's United?
    • What Happens When the Police Get Corrupted?
    • When the Fed Puts $500 BILLION Into the Repo Market... Where Does That Come From and Where Does It Go? - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Democracy At Work / Understanding Marxism / Understanding Socialism
    • Science Revolution: The Rollbacks to Environmental Law Coming Out of the Trump Administration - Jayson O'Neill Deputy Director - Wester Values Project (a project of Accountable US)
  • Are We At "Peak" Citizen's United?

    Thom plus logo Donald Trump has corrupted pretty much every federal agency, but the one that is most concerning is his corruption of the Department of Justice. Bill Barr, in 1992, ran the cover up of the Iran/Contra treason scandal on behalf of George HW Bush and Ronald Reagan. Now he's running, according to Lev Parnas, multiple coverups for Donald Trump.
  • Wednesday 15 January '20 show notes

    • Mid-day with Mark - Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
    • Bizarre New Twist Revealed In Trump/Ukraine Scandal... Who is Robert F. Hyde and Why Was He Stalking Former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovich...?
    • Why is Trump's EPA Approving Dangerous Pesticides Banned Elsewhere or Previously Slated for U.S. Phaseout? - Dr. Nathan Donley, Ph.D, Senior Scientist, Center for Biological Diversity

  • Barr & Trump Both Need to Be Impeached

    Thom plus logo New evidence shows that a Republican candidate for Congress was helping Giuliani and Trump in surveillance of US ambassador Marie Yovanovitch in Ukraine. If the Attorney General continues to refuse to investigate this crime, he should be impeached along with the president.
  • Tuesday 14 January '20 show notes

    • It's Time to Grow the Government In the Right Way...
    • Get Ready For the GOP to Start Yelling About the Debt They Ran Up...
    • 2016 All Over Again? Cyber Hacks, Attacks and How to Protect Your Data & More - Ramesh Srinivasan, Professor/Director, UC Digital Cultures Lab-Department of Information Studies and Design|Media Arts, UCLA, author of Beyond the Valley: How Innovators around the World are Overcoming Inequality and Creating the Technologies of Tomorrow
  • It's Time to Grow the Government In the Right Way...

    Thom plus logo Now that Bernie and Elizabeth Warren are both starting to pull really well, the two of them combined well ahead of Joe Biden, the knives are coming out in the media. This morning on both MSNBC and CNN, commentators were complaining about how dramatically both of them plan to increase federal spending over the next decade.
  • Monday 13 January '20 show notes

    • Is America Now Officially a Sh*thole Country?
    • Trump Asks Court to Delay the Demise of Healthcare Until AFTER Re-Election...Do Trump Supporters "Get" that Millions of Them Will Be UNINSURED if That Happens?
    • Trump's Lies Could Start WWIII...Should He Be Impeached About THAT Too?!
    • Texas Warns Of An Incel Revolution...WHY Is This Happening?
    • How the Fossil Fuel Oligarchs Are Trying to Deceive An Entire Nation On Fire...
  • Big Pharma Won't Let Us Import Medicine From Canada, But Insists on Sending Carcinogen-Contaminated Pills to the Public

    Thom plus logo Big Pharma spends a small fortune every year buying politicians to make sure we can't import prescription drugs from Canada, but they're more than happy to sell us contaminated medications from countries with weak manufacturing controls and exploitable labor that ensure high-profit margins.
  • Is America Now Officially a "Sh*thole" Country?

    Thom plus logo Newsweek is reporting that the United Nations investigation of developed countries around the world finds that poverty in the United States is now so widespread and severe, with over 40 million Americans below the poverty level and many of them living without basic sanitation or enough food and without any access to healthcare, that large parts o
  • Friday 10 January '20 show notes

    • Now We Know the REAL Reason Behind Trump's Decision to Execute General Qassem Suleimani
    • Issues of the Day - Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA, 17th District
    • Anything Goes Friday...What's On Your Mind? Thom Takes Your Calls...

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